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QLD to open International Borders on Saturday

After finally lifting border restrictions on interstate travellers last Saturday, in three days’ time the Queensland Government will start welcoming international arrivals without quarantine requirements for the fully vaccinated.

The announcement comes after the state’s double-dose vaccination rate hit 88.82 per cent as of 17 January.

“We have decided to set a firm date for vaccinated people – international travellers – coming into Queensland, and we have set that date as 1am this Saturday,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told a press conference this morning.

She said the announcement would give certainty to airlines and incoming travellers.

“We’re asking you to do a RAT test within 24 hours. This is consistent with other states,” she said.

“If National Cabinet decides to change that down the track, so be it, but we do believe that now is the right time with our vaccination rates so high.

The Premier continued her push to encourage Gold Coast residents to get vaccinated. The city is lagging behind other parts of the state such as Brisbane which is 93-95 per cent double-dose vaccinated depending on the area, and places like Central Queensland (91.1 per cent), Wide Bay (95 per cent plus) and Townsville (91.7 per cent).

“I know I keep talking about the Gold Coast but I am concerned. The Gold Coast is still sitting at 90.5 per cent,” the Premier said.

“If you look at the scheme of things in terms of where people are going to be traveling, can I please give an added push for the Gold Coast region? Please come and get vaccinated. If you are due your booster, come and get your booster.”

There were 19,932 new cases reported overnight for the state and tragically 11 deaths from the virus, including a person in their 30s who was not vaccinated.

Updated at 11:19am AEST on 19 January 2021.

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