Success Stories

Home-Grown Successes


Check Point: Securing the Internet. Check Point Software Technologies (NASDAQ: CHKP) is the global leader in securing the Internet through its worldwide enterprise of firewall, personal firewall, data security and VPN markets.


Keter  Group: Keter Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products and a global trendsetter in household, outdoor storage, garden furniture, and in do- it-yourself (DIY) products.


Teva: Israel’s Largest Company. Teva is a global pharmaceutical company established in Jerusalem in 1901 and specializing in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients. “Over the past five years, Teva has been transformed from a successful generics business into a major global pharmaceutical company. We have achieved double-digit increases in sales and earnings, and have built, acquired or partnered to create new opportunities to support future sustainable growth.” – Shlomo Yanai, outgoing CEO, Teva, 2012. 


RAD Group: Breeding Start-Ups and Innovation. “The RAD Group’s decentralized approach maximizes the advantages inherent in smaller business units – such as flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit – while allowing member companies to share mutually beneficial developments and fostering innovations.” – Zohar Zisapel, Founder, Rad Group.



Iscar: Over the past 60 years, ISCAR has catapulted from a small niche supplier to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metalworking tools.“Iscar is an amazing company run by amazing people. I don’t get many opportunities to invest in companies like that.” Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, September 2006.


Ormat Technologies: Ormat Technologies is a leading company in the geothermal power industry with more than two decades of proven expertise in geothermal and recovered energy power generation.  “We are excited with the progress we have made …especially in recovered energy generation, which has experienced increasing interest as the need for energy efficiency begins   to play a greater role in combating global warming.” Dita Bronicki, Founder and CEO of Ormat.


Netafim: Revolutionising Irrigation. Netafim is a pioneer and world leader in smart irrigation solutions for agriculture. Founded by Simcha Blass and Kibbutz Hatzerim in 1965, it has since become a global enterprise controlling over one third of the global micro-irrigation market. Netafim has expanded its basket of products to other areas of agriculture, public landscaping and private gardens.


Kamada: High Quality Pharmaceuticals. Kamada Ltd is a biopharmaceutical company developing, producing and marketing a line of specialty, life-saving therapeutics using its proprietary chromatographic purification technology. “With a world-leading development and production facility, Kamada’s vision of developing life-saving biopharmaceuticals is rapidly becoming a reality.”     –Ralph Hahn, co-founder of Kamada.


Insightec: On the way to making tumor surgery obsolete. “This simple outpatient focused ultrasound procedure will be replacing surgery as we know it . . . MR guided focused ultrasound is a tremendous leap forward in the treatment of uterine fibroids.” -Prof. Wladislaw Gedroyc, Consulting Radiologist, St. Mary’s Hospital, London, UK. 


Given Imaging: Converging Medical and Military Know-How to Develop Life-Changing Breakthroughs. “Given Imaging is proud of its role as a leader in developing innovative products   for GI diagnostics.” -Homi Shamir, CEO, Given Imaging.


Zag – Stanley Israel: ZAG –Stanley Israel is a worldwide innovative leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality consumer and professional tool storage products in           plastic, metal, and fabric for the DIY market and professional channels around the world.



Applied Materials: from R&D to Comprehensive Business Operations. ” The Israeli unit is an inseparable part of the company and enables us to provide the technological advantage that differentiates us from our competitors and enables us to expand our market share.” -Michael R. Splinter, President and CEO of Applied Materials


Motorola: 48 Years of Technological Breakthroughs. “At the global level, Israel has a respected place, and the development center here is one of Motorola’s largest in the world. We do a lot of innovative work here…” -Shimon Dick, Motorola Solutions Israel CEO, 2012


Intel Israel: From a modest beginning in 1974, only six years after the company was founded in California, Intel Israel has grown from a small team of five researchers to close to 8,000 today, divided among facilities in Kiryat Gat, Jerusalem, Haifa, Petah Tikvah, and Yakum. Israel has been one of the Intel’s most important development and manufacturing centers and is today the third largest investment target for Intel outside the US after China and India, according to Intel general manager, Mooly Eden.


62 years of GE success in Israel: “I understand the optimism people have here. It’s very much an energetic, can-do society.” -Beth Comstock, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Offcer, GE, 2012.


Siemens Israel: Profiting in an Array of Industries: Israeli companies are very successful, backed by years of experience, development and production of field equipment for the creation of solar energy.” – Peter Loescher, president and chief executive of Siemens.


HP Israel: Second Largest Investor in Israeli IT. “HP is committed and will continue investing… in the future.” – Bernard Meric, Vice President and Managing Director, HP Europe


IBM Israel: “Israel is the most exciting place I know. It’s great to come here and see the dynamic generation of ideas, the motivation to be first and the professional daring of Israeli start-ups.” Buell Duncan, General Manager, ISV & Developer Relations, IBM, in an interview to InformationWeek-Israel


BMC Software: “Our Tel Aviv facility is particularly important because the mainframe talent and technology that we have there is not easily found around the world…We have had tremendous success here and (with) the products they produce and the great technology environment that exists in Israel.” – Jim Grant, vice-president of BMC Software service management business unit.


SAP: Dedicated partner to Israel. “It [SAP R&D center] has turned into a sort of front line where new ideas are tested out and turned into technology, and it is succeeding well,” Jim Hagemann Snabe, CEO, SAP


Cisco Systems Israel: ““There are a lot of opportunities here. It’s the second country, after the US, in terms of start-ups and entrepreneurship… I don’t think that there is a better time to invest here, in partnerships, venture capital and help our partners expand.”, John Chambers, CEO Cisco


Microsoft Israel: A constant source for competitive innovation. There is such a wide scope of exciting things going on here. Israel is a start-up center, and there is always something to challenge us here, or one that we can acquire.” Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft

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