Terms of Use

The Israel Trade Commission (hereinafter: “ITC”) offers the services and the information on this online service or on this website (hereinafter: the “Service”), subject to the terms of use detailed below. A “User” hereinafter shall mean any person or corporation that comes into contact with the Service.


In accordance with copyright laws in force in Israel and with international treaties, the copyright of the ITC publications, including the publications on this website, belong to the ITC and/or to any person on its behalf. In addition, all copyright and intellectual property on this website, including the website design, the contents published on the website and any software, application, computer code, graphic file, text and any other materials included therewith, designs, trademarks, trade secrets and the arrangement of the information therewith, belong to the ITC or to any third parties from which the ITC received a legal license of use, except in the case of an information sheet or an external website linked to the ITC website through a hyperlink, which do not carry the ITC logo.

Such copyright apply to, inter alia, any text, image, drawing, map, sound clip, video clip, graphics and software applications included in the website (hereinafter: the “Copyrighted Materials”), unless expressly determined to be owned by another party.

The User may make fair use of Copyrighted Materials, for personal use only, in accordance with the rules laid down by law. “Fair Use” includes making a reasonable quotation of the Copyrighted Materials. The User quoting as aforesaid must indicate the source of the quotation. The User must not make any distortion, adaptation, disruption or any other alteration, or anything that may diminish the value of the Copyrighted Materials, which may harm the name or reputation of the copyright owner.

Subject to copyright laws, the User is not permitted to copy, present in public, redistribute, retransmit or publish Copyrighted Materials, transfer them to any third party or make any other commercial or non-commercial use of any part thereof without the prior written permission of the ITC.

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Unless otherwise stated, the website, the contents and the services are intended for personal and non-commercial use. The User is not permitted to alter, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, duplicate, publish, grant licenses, make derivate works, transfer or sell any information, contents or services obtained from the website without the express prior written permission of the ITC.

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The Service is offered to the Users as is and cannot be adapted to the needs of each and every User. The ITC makes every effort in order to ensure that the information on this on-line service or on the website is reliable, accurate, true and up to date, yet the ITC is dependent on the sources transferring the information, and does not have the practical ability to verify and confirm each piece of information. In view of the aforesaid, the ITC does not bear the liability for any mistakes and/or errors and/or omissions in the information displayed through the Service, as far as these exist. The User acknowledges therefore, that he must examine each piece of information before relying on it, and does not and shall not have any claims or demands against the ITC and/or any person on its behalf in connection with the information and/or the Service and/or their derivatives.

Use of the information and/or the Service does not substitute legal advice and/or handling and/or other professional handling. The User only holds the responsibility for the use he makes of the Service. The ITC shall not bear the liability for any damage caused to the User or to any third party, as far as such damage is caused, as a direct or indirect result of the use of the Service. The ITC – including its employees and/or representatives.

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No use shall be made of the ITC name and/or logo for the purpose of advertising, nor shall it be mentioned as a user of a certain product or service, or as an information source that forms the basis for a commercial or advertising plan and/or for any other purpose, without the prior written consent of the ITC.

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The User must act in accordance with the established rules of conduct on the Internet, known as “Netiquette”; this information appears on “The Netiquette Homepage”.

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There are links on this Service to information sources or other resources found on other websites and links from such websites. The following instructions shall apply to the use of such links, and shall not derogate from the rest of the terms of use.

The links are for the convenience of the User only. These links may change from time to time, at the discretion of the ITC. Unless otherwise stated, links to third party websites and from such websites shall not be construed as an expression of support, approval, preference, recommendation or sponsorship by the ITC, in an express or implied manner, in relation to such sources or websites, including with regard to documents and any other materials found on them, or to the operators of such websites or the products displayed on them.

By including any link in this Service, the information on the linked website was found to be appropriate to the aims of the service and the link was found to be operating. However, over time changes may be made in the linked website. If the User considers that the website or the materials are not appropriate, or if the link is not operating, the User is asked to inform the webmaster.

In addition, in case the User assumes that there are other websites, that are relevant to the Service, he is kindly requested to inform the webmaster.

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The term “Spamming” refers to sending unsolicited mail to a user or users. The mail may relate to any subject. As long as the recipient did not request to receive it, or did not give his email address – such mail is considered to be spam. The terms of use of this website forbid spamming.

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Users of the computing resources of the ITC are obliged to abide by the laws relating to slander and defamation. Writing, displaying or transmitting any inciting, threatening or racist materials, or materials containing offensive or threatening language – are strictly forbidden. The Users are warned in particular in relation to sending inciting messages, political or otherwise. A User who has doubts whether certain materials are inciting, must address the website management by email, at the following address: info@israeltrade.org.au

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“Information”, including “sensitive information”, as defined in the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, given to the ITC through this website, shall be kept in accordance with the provisions of the law.

In the course of using this website, information will be collected with regard to the pages displayed, the contests that interested you, how long you stayed on the website and which actions you performed. The information does not identify you personally, and therefore is merely statistical by nature. The ITC may keep such information and use it for its own purposes, in accordance with the limitations included in these terms of use and the provisions of the law. The ITC may use the information collected as aforesaid about the use you make of the website for statistical analysis. The ITC may give such statistical data to third parties, as long as such data do not refer to you personally or identify you personally.

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Breaking into the computer systems of the website or of ITC, constitutes a criminal offense under Israeli law, punishable by imprisonment, as stipulated in the law. However, as with any computer database, ITC cannot ensure complete immunity against such break-ins, or attempts of such break-ins, the disclosure of information or interferences with the operation of the computer systems used to operate the website.

The User undertakes not to perform any act intended to unlawfully break into the ITC computers, to look for access routes or loopholes in these systems, crack the security systems or encoding systems protecting the website and the information therewith or aid in such acts as aforesaid.

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The ITC does not undertake that the Service on the website shall not be interrupted, shall be granted without being stopped, shall be granted with security and without any mistakes and shall be immune from unauthorized access to the ITC computers or from damages, malfunctions or faults – in the hardware, software, communication lines and systems of the ITC or any of its suppliers.

The ITC is permitted to change the structure of the website from time to time, including its design, extent, content and the availability of the services granted on the website and any other aspect relating to the website, without prior notice. Such changes shall be performed, among other things, taking into account the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technological and other changes occurring on the Internet. By nature, such changes may involve malfunctions or cause inconvenience at first, due to performance, changes as aforesaid and/or malfunctions that may occur while such changes are being made. The User shall have no claim or demand against the ITC with regard to making changes as aforesaid or to malfunctions that may occur as aforesaid.

In any case of a malfunction on the website, the webmaster should be informed immediately through email (info@israeltrade.org.au) and the webmaster’s instructions should be followed.

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The use of the website and/or the Service and the User’s activity on the website indicate the User’s consent and undertaking to act or to avoid acting as follows:

* The User consents to the terms of use.

* The User undertakes not to use the website and/or the Service in a manner inconsistent with any law and/or not agreed upon and/or constituting forgery, alteration or deletion of information.

* The User undertakes not to upload any viruses and/or Trojan Horses and/or other harmful files to the website.

* The User agrees that, without prejudice to any other right of the ITC, in cases where the ITC fears that the User’s use of the website is inconsistent with the provisions of the terms of use and/or of any law, the ITC shall be entitled to trace the User’s use of the website, deny his access to the website or pass the User’s activity patterns to third parties that prove to the ITC’s satisfaction that they are harmed by the User’s breaches, and any other act that the ITC finds appropriate in order to protect its property and/or its rights.

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The website management may follow and supervise the use by various users of the computing resources of the ITC and it may suspend or cancel immediately any permission granted to a User in any case of breach of the website terms of use, or of any part thereof.

The website management may change the contents of the pages on this website and take all necessary actions in order to ensure its proper and legal operation in accordance with these terms of use.

Any User who discovers an offense in the use of the computing resources of the ITC and/or a breach of any kind of these website terms of service, is kindly requested to inform the website management immediately, through email: info@israeltrade.org.au

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Any question about the services granted through the website and other questions relating to the information system of the ITC can be addressed through email to the following address: info@israeltrade.org.au

Your browser may not support display of this image. Miscellaneous

The ITC may change these terms of use from time to time without prior notice. The ITC shall publish the new terms of service and they shall enter into force on the date of publication.

Your browser may not support display of this image. Governing law and Jurisdiction

The website is governed by the laws of the State of Israel to the exclusion of any other law.

The exclusive jurisdiction with regard to any matter relating to the use of the Service and/or the website lies with the competent courts in Israel only, to the exclusion of any other jurisdiction.