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  • Israeli ChickP Develops Cream & Cheddar Cheeses With Traditional Fermentation Methods
    Contact us for the Australian supplier of ChickP Israeli food tech company ChickP announces it has successfully developed cream and firm cheddar cheeses with its chickpea protein isolate using traditional cheese fermentation methods. The company claims its prototypes match real dairy cheese in appearance and flavor, demonstrating its protein isolate is an exceptional plant-based protein alternative for cheese analogs. ChickP commercially produces a non-GMO, allergen-free, patented chickpea protein isolate for multiple applications. The company develops formulations using its product to assist manufacturers in creating customized plant-based products. Its portfolio includes egg-free mayonnaise, chickpea-based barista coffee creamer, and an ice cream formulation replicating dairy’s full sensory […]
  • AI Learning Buddy Helps Dyslexic Kids Read and Understand
    And yes, iterations are already available for sale in AU via the following: OrCam is already one of Israel’s startup successes, with a device that literally helps the blind to “see”. It reads text to the user – anything from a newspaper to a cereal packet. It also recognizes people, identifies objects, and helps the user find their way around. The Jerusalem-based company was established by Prof. Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram, founders of Mobileye, the driver assistance system that Intel bought in 2017 for $15.3 billion. OrCam launched MyEye for blind and visually impaired people in 2015 and […]
  • Australian Pan Group Invests in Israel
    News Link on J-Wire The Israel Trade and Economic Commission in Australia has announced that the Melbourne PAN Group has invested in Israeli WeedOUT’s Series A Raise. This investment is a significant step in PAN’s commitment to investing in Israeli technology companies and follows PAN’s initial investment in WeedOUT in 2019. PAN Group stated:“We are global empowerment investors with a purpose to create the environment that empowers people to chase their dreams to change the world.” “PAN first invested in WeedOUT in 2019 after being inspired by the way they were revolutionising the weed management industry through a biological herbicide […]
  • Launch for the 2023 Cyber Study Tour from Australia/New Zealand to Israel
    Information Session Webinar – This Wednesday 22.3.23 – 17:00 – 18:00 AEDT Panellists: Brig. General (Res.) Asaf Kochan, Co-founder and President, SentraPeter Bailey, Regional Business Manager – Cyber Security, KordiaModerated by Alastair MacGibbon, Chief Strategy Officer, CyberCX Speakers: Sentra – Mark Freeman, Director of SalesSygnia – Guy Segal, VP Security Services APACSilverfort – Stuart Wilson, VP of Sales – APAC Register:
  • Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management
    Disasters, both natural and man-made, are a common phenomenon all over the world, some of which escalate into emergencies as a result of their magnitude. Good emergency and crisis planning aims to reduce, control, or mitigate the effects of emergencies such as natural disasters, spills of hazardous materials, fires, explosions, and security threats. While pre-planned emergency response is most effective for the immediate tackling of any predictable event, the unpredictable nature of a crisis, often from unforeseen risks that could threaten the existence of the country, means that innovative technologies that are robust enough have to be adopted to mitigate […]
  • AI Creates Digital Twins for a New Age of Internet by YOOM (formerly TetaVi)
    Say hello to your digital twin. Deep tech experts in Israel can capture a highly realistic 3D image of you using multiple cameras and AI. They then bring your twin to life either doing things they’ve actually filmed you doing – playing guitar, taking a golf swing, jumping out of a plane – or things you haven’t. Your digital twin can be programmed to mimic the actions of a library full of stuff that other people have done while you sit at home and enjoy a coffee. Yoom, founded in Tel Aviv, is one of the go-to companies for what’s called […]
  • Israel Scores Major Inward Investment by Global Computer Power Lenovo
    While the Israeli internal market is small in size, over several hundred multinational corporations have established R&D technology hubs in Israel. Why is this? In a word, because they want access to Israel’s incredible technology ecosystem and its entrepreneurs.  Many aspects make up what many Israelis simply refer to as “the ecosystem”. This includes thousands of amazing startups, world-class VCs, and a Government keen to promote entrepreneurial risk-taking. One oft-overlooked part of the “ecosystem” though is Israel’s Universities. There’s a strong focus within Israeli Universities on working with corporations – including multinationals – to develop cutting-edge solutions. The latest example […]
  • Everyone needs a good dose of Vitamin Sea! – Spotlight on the Israeli Dead Sea Cosmetics Industry
    Dubbed ‘the largest free spa on earth’ the Dead Sea is a rich Salt Lake that is amongst the favorite tourist destinations centuries over, due to the healing properties of the minerals found in it. A geological wonder of more than 400 meters below sea level bordered by Jordan to the east and the West Bank and Israel to the west, it is considered the lowest point on the earth’s surface. The Israeli cosmetics industry has a burst of products that are composed of minerals, salts, and mud from the Dead Sea. These products boost skin health by reducing skin […]
  • Growth Spurts in Smart Mobility & the Future of Smart Transportation 
    Disruptive innovation across various industries sees a change in the global corporate landscape and Israel is home to one of the world’s largest innovation technology hubs. It has lately seen enormous growth, particularly in the transport, logistics, and mobility sector. As such, the global transport industry is disrupted by trends in new Mobility, Autonomous Driving, Digitalization, and Electromobility.  Start-ups are seizing the opportunity to develop novel solutions for the future of mobility furthermore; they are addressing the trend that new mobility provides for innovative mobility solutions for passengers and goods, most notably in the area of shared mobility and micro-mobility, […]
  • Chat GPT talking about Israel and Australia Business Trade and Investments
    Israel and Australia have a growing trade and investment relationship. The two countries have a long history of cooperation in defense, agriculture, and technology and have signed several agreements to promote trade and investment. The total two-way trade, between Israel and Australia, in 2020; was valued at $1.3 billion. It has since increased by 15%. Israel’s main exports to Australia include pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and medical devices, while Australia’s main exports to Israel include meat, coal, and education services. Several Israeli companies operate in Australia, particularly in the technology sector, such as cybersecurity firm Check Point and payment technology company Payoneer. […]
  • Babcock (Australasia) and IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) partner to develop remotely piloted aircraft
    Babcock Australasia (Babcock) and Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd (IAI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to pursue remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) solutions for law enforcement, maritime surveillance, and disaster management applications in Australia. With the signing of the MOU, Babcock and IAI are planning to undertake a series of in-country demonstrations of two of IAI’s unmanned aerial systems, the WanderB-VTOL and ThunderB-VTOL this year. As part of this demonstration they are engaging with State and Federal government law enforcement, emergency services and national security agencies ‘to refine a range of practical operational concepts to prove the capabilities’, the companies […]
  • Animal-Free Yo Egg With Runny Yolk Finally Arrives in Restaurants Across Los Angeles
    Amid a nationwide egg shortage and rising prices of eggs in the US, Israel’s Yo Egg debuts what it claims to be the world’s first animal-free whole egg, poached style, on menus at restaurants across Southern California this week. “Unlike any other egg alternative on the market, Yo Egg features a runny yolk and tastes just like chicken eggs,” says the company. In May 2022, Yo Egg secured $5 million in an oversubscribed seed round led by Stray Dog Capital and NFX for the ‘market’s first’ fried and poached egg products, announcing at the time a possible debut in restaurants across Greater Los Angeles, […]
  • BioCatch Chooses Australia for Asia-Pacific Headquarters as the Company Expands Global Footprint
    The Australian team acts as a base for rapid expansion across Asia-Pacific, providing global financial institutions with best-in-class capabilities to combat fraud. Melbourne, Australia, 8 February 2023 – BioCatch, the global leader in behavioural biometric intelligence and cutting-edge fraud prevention technology, today announced it has established a Australian headquarters. In addition, the company reinforces its dominant position in the global market as it expands operations across Asia-Pacific with offices in Australia and Singapore. The announcement comes as the company shared highlights from 2022 including, their solutions protecting more than a quarter billion people globally and detecting $1.5 billion of fraud through […]
  • Painless Procedure: Tiny Ice Ball Kills Tumors in Minutes
    A medical breakthrough now allows doctors to freeze early-stage breast tumors – with no surgery, no scarring, no general anesthetic and no tissue removal. The entire procedure can take as little as 40 minutes. Patients can go straight home after its done, and are spared the painful recovery process. The idea of using an extremely cold liquid to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue – or cryoablation – isn’t new. Doctors have been doing it in hospitals for the last 30 years. But IceCure Medical, an Israeli startup, has developed technology that allows physicians to perform the procedure at their own office, with […]
  • Behind the Scenes in Fauda
    In Fauda Season 4, Episode 2, actors refer to three Israeli companies that helped Doron and the team locate the bad guys. They are Cellebrite, Armis, and Ermetic. I review each one and see what they do because all three have people on the ground in Australia, working with Australian entities. Cellebrite – Digital Intelligence Solutions. Publicly listed on NYSE since August 2021. Founded 1999, 500+ employees, US$370m funding. Cellebrite’s mission is to enable its customers to protect and save lives, accelerate justice, and preserve privacy in communities around the world. Cellebrite develops digital intelligence solutions for the public and […]
  • Health at Home: The Benefits of Reduced Time in the Hospital
    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a statement that in the United States more than one out of every five deaths can be linked to Hospital-Associated Infections (HAI) in the United States. The most effective way to change this statistic is to reduce the amount of time patients stay in hospitals. There are a variety of reasons people find themselves stuck in hospitals. Some individuals who find themselves in the hospital regularly are those who need consistent care, such as chemo and dialysis patients. Other patients need constant monitoring, while other patients are stuck in a hospital […]
  • Implanting Innovation the Israeli Way
    The 1982 movie, “Annie”, gave us the memorable takeaway, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. A simple gesture which wields considerable power on our mind, body and social relationships. Yet, the upkeep of those pearly whites is cause of immense anxiety for millions. DentaVox market survey reveals 60% of the population, across geographies, experience some form of “dental anxiety” and 4% have never been to a dentist. 39% were afraid of the pain, 24% didn’t like the smell of chemicals and 21% feared the sound of the drill. About 7% were afraid of being stuck in the dental chair, […]
  • The Israeli AgriFood Tech Sector
    Israel has long been a trailblazer in the field of AgriFood-Tech, having been forced to innovate in order to overcome unfavorable growing conditions. Its landmark achievement was the invention of drip irrigation, a novel way to water and fertilize crops – using minimal resources that went on to revolutionize the meaning of the term arable land. Since then Israel has cultivated a thriving ecosystem – the second largest in the world – home to almost 400 companies. The industry provides a wide spectrum of solutions, helping to increase yields, reduce the use of harmful chemicals, and improve the quality and […]
  • L3Harris and IAI partner on vehicle protection system L3Harris Technologies has entered into a teaming agreement with IAI-ELTA Systems to deliver a sophisticated fire detection and response capability for Australian armoured fighting vehicles. The new system is expected to enable a combat vehicle – when it encounters live fires – to immediately detect incoming rounds and initiate self-defence responses, which include a combination of electronic warfare measures and kinetic effects. “Manufactured by L3Harris Micreo in Brisbane, the system sensors are easily deployed and integrated onto any vehicle. They will not only rapidly detect live fires, but will be intuitive for operators in any battlespace to employ,” Sarah Earey, managing director of […]
  • Chief Rabbi of Israel Rules Aleph Farms’ Cultivated Steak as Kosher
    Cultivated meat company Aleph Farms announces that Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Yisrael Meir Lau, has ruled its cultivated steak to be kosher, meaning it is permitted for consumption by Jews under religious law. According to the food tech, this is the first time such an authority in Judaism has decided on cultivated meat. Aleph Farms, which focuses on growing steaks directly from non-genetically engineered animal cells, says it is still working with local rabbinic authorities to receive kosher certification for its Rehovot-based production facility. Intersection of tradition and innovation Didier Toubia, Aleph Farms’ Co-Founder and CEO, said: “This ruling is meaningful not only for […]
  • Healthcare’s Answer to “Facebook, Waze and Tinder”
    Social media algorithm pairs up people with same conditions It’s somewhere between Facebook, Waze and Tinder, says Amnon Bar-Lev. He’s created a social media platform that connects people with similar health conditions so they can share experiences, discuss symptoms and medication, and be there for each other. Alike is up and running in the USA, where 100,000 users have so far uploaded their medical data – anonymously – plus details of age, gender, BMI, exercise, any vitamins or supplements they take – and started interacting with others. The internet may have become the go-to place for instant medical advice, but it’s […]
  • Vgarden Launches “Game-Changing” Vegan Tinned Tuna for B2B
    Israeli manufacturer Vgarden announces the launch of a 100% vegan tinned tuna for the global B2B food market. The Israeli food-tech claims the NPD offers the same appearance, texture, aroma, and flavour as the regular canned staple.  Ilan Adut, Vgarden’s CEO, states: “Our tinned tuna has a distinct flaky, yet moist and chewy texture, with a powerful fresh-from-the-sea aroma.”   Responding to a planetary need Canned tuna is a popular source of affordable protein conveniently stored without refrigeration. But according to a UN report, tuna is the world’s most consumed fish. Tom Rothman, head of global sales at Vgarden, says that overfishing has dwindled […]
  • Israel Innovation Authority to Establish New Precision Fermentation Infrastructure
    The Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) has announced a RFP (request for proposal) with the aim of establishing new infrastructure for precision fermentation. Specifically, the organisation is looking to construct facilities that use fermentation to produce alternative proteins. This is part of a national operational plan by the IIA to “maintain and expand the strength of its developmental ecosystem in the field of alternative proteins”. Israel’s food tech industry is an R&D priority The hope is that improved fermentation infrastructure could allow for increased production volumes, along with technical-economic viability experiments that are not currently possible in Israel. With the production of larger […]
  • Plan Bee – Exploring Israel’s Solutions to Australia’s Bee Problem
    Cause for Concern In June 2022, the detection of varroa mites (aptly named ‘varroa destructor’) in sentinel hives at NSW’s Port of Newcastle triggered an immediate national eradication response plan across Australia. This led to a tumultuous six months of tracking, surveillance and implementing biosecurity measures to curb the proliferation of the mite – known globally as an agricultural pest. The Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry joined forces with its state and territory counterparts to implement the response plan, which follows a three-tiered surveillance system – where the epicenters of outbreaks were designated 10km ‘Eradication Zones,’ assigned […]
  • Globes and Statista rank Israel’s 100 fastest growing companies #1 – Holisto – – Travel tech. #2 – Amplio – – Education platform #3 – BeeHero – – Precision Pollination Article: This year’s fastest growing company in Israel is travel-tech company Holisto with average annual growth of about 460% between 2018 and 2021 and revenue of $15.1 million. Holisto was founded in 2015 by CEO Eran Shust, CTO Avi Wortzel and CRO Dr. Shay Horovitz. It officially launched its product during the Covid pandemic. The timing saw its revenue grow from $86,000 in 2018 before the launch to $15.1 million in 2021. Shust says that Holisto came […]
  • PETER MAC CLINICAL TRIAL TO EXPAND TO ISRAEL’S SHEBA MEDICAL CENTRE A Peter Mac clinical trial will expand internationally to include patients in Israel and the Middle East, in a sign of Peter Mac’s growing relationship with Sheba Medical Centre in Tel Aviv. The Peter Mac-led POPSTAR II clinical trial is due to open in early 2023 at multiple Australian sites and will compare two cutting-edge treatments for men with advanced prostate cancer – lutetium PSMA (LuPSMA) therapy and Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR). During a visit to Australia this week, Sheba Medical Centre’s Director General Professor Yitshak Kreiss signed a Letter of Intent that would see Sheba Medical Centre become […]
  • Elbit Systems wins Army SUAS contract
    Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA) has won a contract to supply Small Uncrewed Aerial Systems (SUAS) and maintenance services to the Australian Army. The Skylark I-LEX SUAS+ contract will support the Army’s UAS capabilities by supplying a bespoke system for Australia Defence Force and civilian support in disaster and humanitarian relief operations. Managing Director, Major General (ret’d) Paul McLachlan said the project would bolster the Army’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities for relief operations. “This contract is great news for Elbit Systems of Australia as we gain momentum by broadening our offering to the ADF, as well as growth of […]
  • Israeli Cyber Tech Keeps Your Pacemaker Safe
    One of the broad macro-trends in the tech industry is the “Internet of Things,” a world in which everything we own could theoretically be connected to the internet. One area that has seen an explosion of connectivity is the medical device sector, frequently referred to as Medical IoT, or MIoT. 10 billion connected devices are currently used in the healthcare industry worldwide – a number expected to rise to 50 billion over the next decade.  While there’s no doubt this kind of always-on connectivity can bring many health benefits, the downside is that it also opens up unprecedented cybersecurity challenges […]
  • Computing Power takes a Quantum Leap
    You have most likely heard of the power of quantum computing within the last few years, and the promises that it holds in terms of revolutionizing the computing power of the 21st century are astounding. As lofty as those goals are projected to be, they are seriously pursued by numerous companies trying to harness the technical, hardware, and software challenges that come with commercializing quantum technology.  If simply hearing the term ‘qubit’ is enough to have your brain scrambling to remember any portion of high school physics, then you’re closer than you think to understanding the underlying quantum technology. Just […]
  • Israeli Innovation: Giving Independence to the Elderly
    In the last half-century, excluding Covid-19, global life expectancy has increased by 26% and an estimated 70% of all seniors will require some form of long-term care and assistance. With this continuous increase in our elderly population, the world has been challenged with discovering new ways to treat an aging population while allowing them to maintain a sense of both dignity and independence. As a leader in innovative technology, and categorized as one of the top countries leading the healthtech sector, Israel has produced a plethora of life-altering solutions for this ever-expanding community. Companies have been rapidly developing technology to […]
  • Adopting Israeli Cleantech Solutions Vital to Solving Global Energy Challenges
    Rapid global technological improvements and the desire to decrease the costs of energy resources, along with the increased uptake of smart energy and renewable energies have pushed countries to think of innovative ways to power their cities with more clean and sustainable energy. Additionally, climate change is presently one of the biggest challenges ever faced by human social, political, and economic systems. Its impacts are visible now, with the rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and biodiversity losses we have experienced these last years. Their severity could increase exponentially in the absence of bold responses. At stake is the survival […]
  • ChickP Develops Plant-Based Ice Cream Prototype with ‘Dairy’s Full Sensory Experience’
    ChickP, the Israeli food tech company specializing in chickpea protein, has introduced protein isolates customized for dairy-free ice cream. The company claims to have developed a creamy plant-based ice cream prototype that offers the full sensory experience of dairy.  “Our ChickP Isolate answers consumers’ growing demand for vegan products with a dairy-like experience”   ChickP states that its protein isolates will help manufacturers overcome the challenges of texture, flavour, and use of additives when making dairy-free ice cream. The development follows the successful use of the company’s isolates in creating a nutritious chickpea-based creamer for cappuccino and an egg replacement for vegan mayonnaise. Creating dairy-free […]
  • Australian cancer patients test the world’s first ‘nanorobot’ antibodies, made in Israel
    Cancer patients are testing a drug made from antibodies designed from the ground up on a computer in Israel and “programmed” by the inventor to “decide” whether cells surrounding tumors are good or bad. If the study underway in Australia goes according to plan, these antibodies will target cells that help the tumor while boosting the abilities of cells that inhibit cancer growth. Their inventor, Prof. Yanay Ofran, said that antibody treatments have traditionally been based on human or animal antibodies. They are then developed in labs and mass-produced, but the final product retains limitations over the original antibodies. He […]
  • Israel’s Wilk Unveils “World’s First” Hybrid Yogurt Made With Cultivated Milk Fat
    Israeli bio-foodtech company Wilk has developed what it claims is the first ever hybrid yogurt containing cultivated milk fats. The yogurt is said to have the same taste, texture, and nutritional profile as dairy yogurt. According to Wilk, milk fats significantly impact the properties of dairy products, meaning that cultivated fat could revolutionise the development of animal-free alternatives. “[This] signifies a major breakthrough in demonstrating our ability to produce functional cell-cultured milk components” Wilk says the new yogurt will serve as a concept product, helping to validate the company’s technology and future capabilities. It will also support Wilk’s efforts to develop cultivated […]
  • Israeli Companies that have Technology for Neurodivergent Humans
    Almost all Israeli high school graduates go straight into the Army. I say almost because there are exceptions and exemptions. I am using the Israeli Defence Force as an example for this talk because neurodiversity is no longer a barrier to entry into the Israeli Army, which has been known as the melting pot of Israelis since the country’s inception almost 75 years ago. For example, there is a specific Israeli Army Unit That Recruits Teens with Autism. I quote from a 2016 article: “Many autistic soldiers who would otherwise be exempt from military service have found a place in Unit […]
  • Cyberbit | Cybersecurity Training and Simulation Platform
    Looking for connections to Australian potential customers (Public sector, Gov, Defence, Enterprises and MSSP) in addition to potential distributors and resellers. In Australia, TAFE QLD and Queensland University recently started using the Cyberbit range to train their students. Please feel free to review the videos below and see how Cyberbit has transformed its cyber training: If you are interested to learn more about Cyberbit, please view their website and see the brief: Website: Brief: Hundreds of organisations use Cyberbit to train their staff and students how to defend against cyber-attacks. The Cyberbit platform delivers hyper-realistic training scenarios that simulate real-world cyber-attacks […]
  • Israeli Companies Exhibiting at COP27 (6-18 November) + Australia announces bid to co-host UN Climate Change Conference in 2026 “I deeply believe that COP27 is an opportunity to showcase unity against an existential threat that we can only overcome through concerted action and effective implementation.” Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 6-18 November IL Climatech solutions – COP27 Catalogue In other news: The Australian government has announced it will bid to co-host the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in 2026 with Pacific nations. The Australian government has announced it will bid to co-host the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference in 2026 with Pacific nations. Chris Bowen, minister for Climate Change and Energy, recently said the government has decided against bidding to host the 29th session […]
  • Self-Inflicted Water Shortage
    Water is the most precious resource on earth! Water is the key ingredient to everything, whether it is to grow, manufacture, consumed, clean, or anything else, it cannot be performed without water. Despite 71% of the earth being covered by water, only 3% is fresh water, which can be used for the aforementioned uses. Various technological advancements have been made to utilize the remaining 97% of seawater. Israel among other nations has developed state-of-the-art desalination technologies, which can transform seawater into drinking water. Our focus during this article will however remain at the 3% of freshwater that we have as […]
  • Gaming Companies in Israel
    With an ecosystem allowing hundreds of start-ups to be launched every year and thousands of existing start-ups, Israel is an emerging market for outsourcing solutions to game development services in the country.  The game developers in Israel are highly skilled, and with inflowing venture capital, have the resources to deliver high quality. With the advent of smartphones and the growing demand for entertaining and engaging games, a huge market has emerged ready to be catered with new, trending, and interactive gaming. With the right game development team by your side, you can harness the potential of this market. To choose […]
  • Burger King Israel Launches Plant-Based Whopper and Nuggets Developed by Meat.The End
    Burger King Israel recently launched a plant-based Whopper and vegan chicken nuggets, developed by food tech Israeli startup, Meat. The End, especially for the fast food chain. Last Monday, the Whopper and nuggets debuted as part of a one-week trial at a Burger King restaurant pop-up in Tel Aviv. After the pilot, the items will appear on menus at nine franchise-owned stores by next month, according to Burger King Israel. Strategic move Keren Kupermintz, vice president of marketing, trade and business development at Delek Israel and Burger King, said: “The launch of the plant-based category at Burger King Israel is a strategic […]
  • Venture capital firm Square Peg raises $859m to invest in global startups
    Despite weaker equity markets in recent months, global investor Square Peg has ploughed ahead to raise USD$550 million ($859 million) for investment in both early and late-stage tech companies in Southeast Asia, Australia and Israel. The VC firm – which has backed the likes of Canva, Airwallex, Amber and Blinq – will deploy the capital in two ways – firstly, for a core venture fund that invests in seed to Series B startups, and secondly, in the later stages of strong-performing companies that have previously secured capital via its Opportunities Fund. In a LinkedIn post, Square Peg co-founder Paul Bassat said there was no more exciting time for the […]
  • Australia’s Indue picks BioCatch for cybercrime prevention
    Australian finance giant Indue engaged our portfolio company BioCatch to keep its transactions safe and protect customers from cybercrime. “In today’s digital world, detecting and preventing fraud and mitigating the impact of social engineering scams is important as ever, so we are very pleased to be partnering with BioCatch to integrate advanced biometric technology into our payment solutions,” says Jane Hinton, Chief Risk Officer at Indue, which operates a network of financial institutions, retailers, and nonprofits across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Israeli VC looks to partner with Aussie corporate investors
    Ahead of the Australia-Israel Innovation Summit, MarineTech venture capital fund theDOCK’s co-founder Hannan Carmeli shared his thoughts on automation opportunities in the maritime sector and his aim to build relationships with Australian firms. A graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy and Israeli Navy, Mr Carmeli has spent 30 years working in the tech sector, including a 10-month stint as Director of International Activity at the Israel Innovation Authority. Five years ago, he sought to marry his work experience with his long-time passion for sailing, eventually co-founding theDock, a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in startups in the maritime, supply chain, […]
  • Startup CEOs join OurCrowd Summit lineup
    CEOs of some of the world’s hottest startups have confirmed their participation at the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit in Jerusalem on February 15th, 2023. The CEOs of Freightos, JumpCloud, mPrest and SaNOtize will all be on hand to discuss investment opportunities and the global innovation ecosystem. More speakers will be announced soon. Spaces are limited. Click below to apply for your early bird ticket.
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
    Cyber Warfare holds a grave hazard of striking national infrastructure while circumventing traditional defense systems. Israel has developed a unique legal and regulatory model for critical national infrastructure protection and has implemented it since late 2002. The Israeli approach appears to be highly successful. The nation continues to be a world‐class ICT power and to provide cyber security for its critical infrastructure and beyond, while balancing conflicting interests and fostering cooperation between public, security, academic and private sectors. The Israeli approach to Critical Infrastructure Protection and beyond, fostering cooperation between public, security, academic and private sectors, appears to be successful. […]
  • Automotive Cyber Security – Innovative Solutions from Israel
    Although Israel does not have car manufacturing plants or vehicle assembly lines, Israel is leading the way in mobility and intelligent transportation technologies. The global automotive industry desperately needs innovative solutions and Israeli start-ups are making their way to become the main providers of next-generation technologies in this fast-changing ecosystem.  Autonomous vehicles, electrification, connected cars, and shared transportation are the big trends that are transforming the auto industry. Israel has a strong presence in computer software and hardware, semiconductor technology, IoT and AI expertise, radar technology, cybersecurity, LiDAR solutions, satellite communication solutions, computer vision, and sensors. Like all IoT devices, […]
  • Israel – a hot country helping to cool the planet
    There is no avoiding the issue of climate change and imperatively, the issue is being increasingly prioritized on the international agenda. In May of this year, a new study led by the Weizmann Institute of Science concluded that storms in the Southern Hemisphere have already reached intensity levels previously predicted to occur only in the year 2080. In short, the report indicated, worryingly, that the Earth’s climate is changing even faster than predicted. Much needs to be done globally. In Israel, the climate issue has always been a consideration. Its arid climate and shortage of natural resources forced Israel to be […]
  • Investing in the Future of Medicine
    At an estimated $6.2 billion, Israel’s healthcare technology industry is a global leader in innovations across various medical fields. With over 1,400 digital health start-ups to date, Israel ranks 5th in the world according to the World Index for Healthcare Innovation.  Investors have taken notice of such success. According to a recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company group of Israeli venture capital funds and investment bodies, 60 percent of investors said they expect to invest more in digital health in 2022, with only 4 percent expecting to invest less than in 2021. These findings are particularly significant due to […]
    Check Point Software Technologies has announced the launch of Check Point Horizon, a prevention-focused suite of security operations solutions and services that combines proactive management solutions for managed prevention and response (MDR/MPR), extended prevention and response (XDR/XPR) and events. The new Check Point Horizon platform for XDR, MDR and events leverages Check Point Soft prevention-first approach to improve defences across the network, cloud and endpoints, and prevent future cyber attacks. Many of the existing MDR solutions in the market today simply deal with detection and management of cyber incidents, according to Craig Robinson, research vice president for security services at […]
  • Israel Declares Food Tech & Alt Protein as National Priority; GFI Implores EU to Follow Suit
    The Israeli Government this week declared “Food tech, with an emphasis on alternative proteins” as one of five national priorities. The decision was made in consultation with the nonprofit GFI Israel, which plays a key role in the region in promoting the advantage of alternative proteins as a solution to global climate and food crises.  Alla Voldman-Rentzer, vice president at the GFI Israel, commented: “The decision to select food tech with an emphasis on alternative proteins as one of Israel’s five national focus areas, positions the field as a key growth engine for Israel, especially in light of global trends such as the climate and global […]
  • Quality and online ease – a perfect wedding Many community members know him as a special-events photographer and now Michael Warshall has reinvented himself, investing in revolutionary Israeli printing technology. MELBOURNE special-events photographer Michael Warshall has parlayed a lifetime of premium-quality photography with today’s demands for quick turnarounds and the ease of online ordering in his start-up business Emot Weddings. The web-based enterprise enables couples to go online to order a wedding photographer from more than 100 photographers, and select the type of work required – from options including prints, self-designed or expert-designed photobooks, and professional video. Emot Weddings was hatched in 2018, after Warshall sold Nulab, […]
  • Israel’s BioBetter Secures $10M to Cultivate Meats Using Tobacco Plants
    Israeli food tech startup BioBetter announces it has secured $10M in a Series A round to develop and commercialise growth factors made with tobacco plants. “The field-grown tobacco plants offer a new, fast, efficient, and flexible response to the market need for more competitively priced growth factors” Growth factors are essential in the cultivated meat process for cells to grow and multiply. The cellular agriculture industry depends on a limited offer of costly growth factors for its operations. BioBetter’s discovery could significantly reduce production costs by 300%, the food tech claims.  Tobacco plants as self-sustaining, animal-free bioreactors “BioBetter has pioneered a unique protein manufacturing […]
  • Push for Cyber Security Migration Visas | Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security
    The Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security, Clare O’Neil, has called for a migration sponsorship program in the area of cyber security to shore up Australia’s cyber defences.  In a Twitter thread, Minister for Home Affairs and Cyber Security Clare O’Neil has called for a migration program incorporating sponsorship for people with cyber security skills after taking part at the Albanese government’s Job Summit. “We need to think about ways to include sponsorship opportunities for emerging jobs and industries that supports the development of our sovereign capabilities. “We need a future that is Australian-made. One of those critical sovereign capabilities is cyber […]
  • OzAsia Festival
    Held annually over three weeks in Adelaide in spring, the OzAsia Festival showcases Australia’s leading contemporary arts festival engaging with Asia. The extensive program includes theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature, food and cultural events from countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Denmark, India, Indonesia, Iran, Latvia, Malaysia, Singapore, Syria, the United States, Israel, Thailand, the United Kingdom, France, The Philippines and Australia. Included in this year’s program are two fascinating dance offerings: Gudirr Gudirr and The Long Walk. Guddirr Gudirr is a solo by Dalisa Pigram, a Yawuru and Bardi woman with Malay and Filipino heritage based in Broome. The solo […]
  • Cale & Daughters and Israel’s Vgarden in Joint Venture for Local Aussie Manufacturing
    A newly announced joint venture between Australia’s Cale & Daughters and Israel’s Vgarden, called Vgarden Australia Pty Ltd, will begin manufacturing plant-based cheese and meat products in a facility based in Brisbane, Australia.   “Local manufacturing means we’ll be able to maintain price competitiveness and product accessibility” Cale & Daughters is the parent company of Made with Plants, PlantAsia, and Get Plant’d, “much-loved” vegan FMCG brands sold through retailers in Australia. Israel’s Vgarden, part of Gan-Shmuel Health Industries and the Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of plant-based cheeses, meat and fish alternatives, and pastries. Bringing together innovative capabilities “The joint venture […]
  • Israel’s Forsea Foods is “First to Cultivate Eel” Using Organoid Technology
    Food tech Forsea Foods, based in Israel, claims to be the first startup to use organoid technology for its cultivated seafood process. “The result is sustainably produced, succulent filets of cultured seafood that embody the same taste and textural traits as their ocean-caught counterparts” Roee Nir, co-founder of Forsea, recently made public the company’s patented technology platform developed to harness natural tissue formation methods to produce healthy and tasty alt seafood. Forming fish tissues Organoid technology has been previously used in developmental biology, medicine, and research. It involves creating an ideal environment for fish cells to form their natural composition of native fat and muscle […]
  • The Future of Meat
    In recent years, there is an increasing global concern about the effects of meat on human health and climate change. Additionally, recent global health crises and geopolitical conflicts have caused tremendous challenges to food supply chains, motivating governments to diversify their approaches to food production to strengthen food security. Individuals also greatly concerned by the meat industry are taking matters into their own hands and veganism has gone from a minor fad to a popular global mainstream movement today. The climate crisis we are facing today has tragically impacted access to nutritious and affordable food options for billions of people, especially […]
  • Israeli GenCell, Simtel & Vodafone Deploy Ammonia-based Off-grid Power Solution in Romania
    GenCell Energy, a leading provider of hydrogen and ammonia power solutions and SIMTEL Team (SMTL), the Romanian market leader for rooftop photovoltaic (PV) plant solutions have deployed a GenCell FOX™ ammonia-based off-grid power solution field test at a mobile telecom tower site in Romania, operated by Vodafone. The GenCell FOX is a low-temperature alkaline fuel cell which generates power from liquid ammonia – one of the most effective and energy-dense carbon-free hydrogen carriers – with only water, nitrogen and heat as its by–products.   The solution has been designed to comply with strict zero-emission sustainability objectives, ensure resilient 24/7 continuous power even in harsh weather […]
  • Israel’s Mermade Raises $3.3M for Cultivated Scallops
    Israel’s Mermade has closed an oversubscribed seed funding round, with investors including OurCrowd, Fall Line, and Sake Bosch. Mermade is a startup developing what it claims are the world’s first cultivated scallops. What sets the company apart is that it is using aquaponics, a circular process that allows it to cut costs and improve sustainability compared to other cultivated meat and seafood producers. The technology uses algae to recycle spent growth medium, a byproduct of the cell cultivation process. Mermade intends to use the funding to hire stem cell and algae researchers, with the goal of producing its scallops on a laboratory […]
  • Industry 4.0 | The Future of Tech
    Over the past decade, the global Hi-Tech sector has experienced dramatic and unprecedented rates of technological advancements that have the potential to transform countless industries. The exponential growth of such technologies has led experts to refer to the phenomenon as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0. Under this framework, the First Industrial Revolution (Industry 1.0) refers to the advancements in water and steam-powered machines beginning in 1760 that led to the rise of large-scale factories as hubs of manufacturing and industry. During the Second Industrial Revolution (Industry 2.0) in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, rapid electrification and […]
  • Bioconvergence: An Israeli-Led Medical Revolution
    A medical research revolution is taking place in Israel, leading to the development of previously unimaginable scientific breakthroughs. Many of these innovations are centered around bioconvergence, a recent trend in medical research that combines biology, engineering, AI, machine learning, 3D printing, and nanotechnology, alongside other related fields. Although the interdisciplinary study of medicine is nothing new, recent advancements in computing, genomics, data technology, and artificial intelligence have opened the door to numerous creative solutions for persistent medical hurdles.  Despite its small size, Israel is a global leader in bioconvergence research and development. With over 600 active medical device companies exporting […]
  • Combatting Corporate Cyberattacks with the Cyber-Dome
    As the corporate world transitions towards increased digitization, cyberattacks become more frequent and wide-reaching. According to Israeli-American cyber firm Check Point’s 2022 Cyber Security Report, 2021 saw a 50% increase in corporate cyberattacks from 2020. The recent high-profile hacks of SolarWinds and Colonial Pipelines, in particular, have brought renewed attention onto cybersecurity in the professional realm. In the spring of 2022, the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) and Israeli Ministry of Communications announced new regulations and mandatory cybersecurity standards to combat this rise in digital attacks. Under the new guidelines, Israeli communications services are required to implement various measures to […]
  • The Israeli FemTech Revolution
    Back in 2016, a Danish entrepreneur, Ms. Ida Tin, Co-Founder and CEO of the female health app, Clue, coined the term “FemTech”, (Female Technology) intending to help women take control and be aware of their reproductive health. Ever since the term was coined, Fem Tech is treated as a therapeutic sector on its own and is expected to grow significantly by the year 2025. Israel has positively been progressing in the FemTech sector, making headlines in women’s health. While the sector is still developing globally, Israel already has around 100 local companies in the FemTech sector and still counting. FemTech […]
  • MeaTech 3D Changes Name to Steakholder Foods to “Cultivate New Community of Meat Lovers”
    MeaTech 3D Ltd., the first world’s first publicly listed cultivated meat company, announces it is changing its name to Steakholder Foods Ltd. (Nasdaq: STKH.) The new name is intended to reflect the company’s commitment to building a strong community of meat lovers who support changing the world through cultured meat production.  Founded in Israel, Steakholder is a leading innovator in the cultivated meat industry, having developed cutting-edge technology and processes to produce whole cuts of animal meat using 3D bioprinting technology. In December 2021, the company printed the largest-ever cultured steak, which weighed in at 3.67 oz. Recently, it secured its first patent for systems […]
  • TAU researchers develop treatment for long-term COVID-19 symptoms
    Researchers from Tel Aviv University exposed patients with long-term COVID-19 symptoms to intensive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) treatment, and found significant improvement in cognitive, neurological, and psychiatric functions.  (Communicated by the Tel Aviv University Spokesperson) A groundbreaking new study from Tel Aviv University, the first of its kind in the world, found a promising treatment for long-term COVID-19 symptoms, based on advanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Long COVID, which affects up to 30% of patients infected by the COVID-19 virus, is characterized by a range of debilitating cognitive symptoms such as inability to concentrate, brain fog, forgetfulness and difficulty recalling words […]
  • Mining Operations Solutions
    Mining in Israel has historically not been a large-scale industry, aside from the ancient Timna valley mines that have been actively mined by humans since the era of King Solomon. However, Israel’s positioning as a center for advanced technology and innovation is well known worldwide, and is gradually being acknowledged by the mining industry as an excellent source of potential solutions.  The global mining industry is currently grappling with several challenges that bring issues of economic efficiency and environmental sustainability to the fore. There is a focused debate on the need to shift modern mining to a more sustainable framework […]
  • Israeli Trusted Solutions in Financial Fraud Detection
    Many crimes are typically committed for financial gain. The same applies to cybercrime which is being conducted more frequently for financial gain. Financial fraud incidences have increased in tandem with the enormous expansion in the usage of Mobile banking, Internet banking, Mobile Wallets, e-commerce, and online share trading. They include those involving credit cards, debit cards, online and mobile banking, insurance, computer manipulation, accounting schemes, etc. Israel is renowned for being a leader in Fintech innovation and cyber security. Also regarded as a “Start-up Nation” over the past three decades, she has been at the forefront of developing solutions that […]
  • HeraMED (ASX: HMD) Partnering with Sheba Medical Centre in Israel
    HeraMED has announced that its remote monitoring technology was chosen as one of the key components of a collaboration between Israel’s Sheba Medical Center and Project Rozana | ASX announcement:
  • Cust2Mate | Smart Shopping Carts | Watch and see the Future
    Cust2Mate offers a customized grocery-shopping experience by combining shopping list data with a smart shopping cart. The combination of data enables the company’s machine-vision technology to learn and predict the likely outcome of sales, coupons, and special offers targeted to the individual store or consumer. Cust2Mate intends to work with point-of-sale vendors by integrating shopping carts with an in-store navigational system to speed up shopping trips. Customers simply input their shopping list into the mobile app, and the smart cart will guide them through the store.
  • The Israel Trade Commission’s Jeremy Ungar on 3ZZZ Radio
    L’Chaim – To Life S4 E8 (13-07-2022) with Natasha Kirtchuk, Jeremy Ungar, Michele Bernshaw, Greg King and Elvis Presley The Israel Trade Commission’s own Jeremy Ungar speaks from 5:40 onwards about his recent Israel Cyber Week delegation Jewish community focused interview-based program with regular segments including: news from Israel, opinion commentary, preview of next day’s Australian Jewish News headlines, out-and-about-focus on upcoming community events, and more. Description: Maurice Klein speaks with Jeremy Ungar, Senior Trade Officer at the Israel Trade and Economic Commission Israel Embassy in Australia. Jeremy is responsible for cyber security at the commission and recently took […]
  • Cloud Computing – Israel is on the Front Line of Cloud Computing
    Israel is known to be the “start-up nation” of the number of global start-ups being produced. Over the past decade, Israel has produced over 2,000 start-ups, the majority of these start-ups are driven by software as a service (SaaS). Israeli cloud technology remains a strong promise in the market as new start-ups are continuously penetrating the market. Innovations and Technologies are shifting from nice-to-have to must-have, cloud computing stands as one of the most impactful innovations in today’s time. There are billions of dollars already invested in this sector. According to Gartner, the prediction of global cloud revenue will reach […]
  • Israeli Technologies Making Mining Safe for Workforce, Nature, and the Environment
    Mining is the process of extracting buried material below the earth’s surface. During the past few decades, while extracting, the Mining companies worldwide have faced an increased number of challenges. The Israeli Mining companies had foreseen the need to shift existing Mining techniques to a more sustainable framework that needs to be friendly to the Workforce, Nature as well as Surrounding Environment. Although Israel has no real mines it is trying to solve some of the greatest challenges being faced by the mining sector in various countries. Israel’s current position as a center for innovative technology is well known worldwide […]
  • Some Israeli Ideas about the Future of Airports
    Airport operations and experiences are undergoing significant changes. To keep up with renewed demand, which is now going to be experience-driven, airports are considering the best next steps to take when planning their future activities. We all know that Covid-19 dominated the past few years, which resulted in the aviation and travel industries hit the hardest, but it was also a time of introspection, improvements, and progress by the aviation, and most certainly, the airports industry. From recent dealings and professional experience, airports are more open now than ever before. This means reforms. Reforms to introduce even more advanced services […]
  • Israel Welcomes 1 Millionth Tourist in 2022, in Rebound from COVID-19
    Just over four months since Coronavirus restrictions limiting entry into Israel were lifted on March 1, the one-millionth tourist in 2022 arrived on Sunday, indicating an apparent rebound of the industry heavily battered by the pandemic. The tourist, who was welcomed by Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov and Tourism Ministry representatives, is Belinda Desoyo Lee Marcelo, 53, a resident of the United Arab Emirates. Israel’s tourism industry was badly affected by the pandemic but the current recovery in incoming tourism is now exceeding forecasts. The number of incoming tourists is increasing, and with it, income from tourism into the Israeli economy. […]
  • Deel to buy global payroll co PayGroup
    Deel has bid $1 per share, a 174% premium on PayGroup’s closing price on the Australian stock exchange. Global payroll startup Deel has bid to acquire Australian payroll company PayGroup (ASX: PYG) in a deal worth A$119 million ($82 million). Deel has bid $1 per share, a 174% premium on the company’s closing price. The payGroup board of directors has unanimously recommended that shareholders accept the offer, and if approved, the deal will close in October. Deel was founded in 2018 by CEO Alex Bouaziz, a French Jew who immigrated to Israel, Shuo Wang who lives in the US and Ofer Simon, […]
  • Israeli Drones Helping an Endangered Vulture
  • Leonardo DRS buys Israeli radar co RADA at 34% premium
    The merger with Arlington, Virginia-based Leonardo DRS will leave RADA shareholders with 19.5% of the combined defense company. Netanya-based Israeli defense company RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. (TASE: RADA; Nasdaq: RADA), which produces tactical radar systems, is merging with US company Leonardo DRS Inc. The stock-based transaction will result in RADA’s existing shareholders holding 19.5% of the merged company. The deal is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year. RADA will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leonardo DRS, which will be listed on Nasdaq and on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol DRS. The terms of the deal […]
  • Israeli company AI21 Labs creates AI model of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    “Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg” answers users’ queries based on 27 years of Ginsburg’s Supreme Court opinions, interviews and speeches. Israeli artificial intelligence company AI21 Labs has created an AI model of the late US Supreme Court associate justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The AI model, “Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” answers users’ queries based on 27 years of Ginsburg’s Supreme Court opinions, interviews and speeches. According to the report, AI21 input these into a language processing program called Jurassic-1, giving the model the capability to answer typed questions how Ginsburg may have answered them. A grain of salt When asked if abortion should […]
  • Gal Gadot’s GOODLES Mac and Cheese Launches First Dairy-Free Flavor
    GOODLES, a healthier mac and cheese brand co-created by Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot, is releasing its first plant-based flavor, Vegan is Believin’. Available online starting June 28, the new product features a lineup of 21 plant-based nutrients extracted from ingredients like chickpeas, mushrooms and kale, reports VegNews.  Flavor and nutrition Gadot co-launched GOODLES in 2021 to innovate conventional mac and cheese products with healthier ingredients. The upcoming Vegan is Believin’ flavor, which features spiral noodles in a white cheddar sauce, will incorporate GOODLES’ proprietary pasta formula. According to the brand, the new offering provides plenty of protein.  “Vegan Is Believin’ Mac […]
  • Australia’s Iggy Azalea at the Tel Aviv Pride Parade
    ‘BDS? What’s that?’ – Iggy Azalea during her first trip to Israel Australian rapper Iggy Azalea performed at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Festival on Friday. While she was there, she told N12 that she “was surprised to receive the call to come and perform.” The Tourism Ministry initially announced on Tuesday that Azalea would be performing at the parade during her first official visit to the country. When asked about BDS, Azalea had never even heard of the organization, stating: “BDS? What is it? Cause I don’t know much, but I’m really happy to come and see for myself, I’m excited to […]
  • Were you hit too? Experts Warn Queen’s Birthday Weekend Could See Cyber Crime Spike
    10 June 2022 Check Point researchers say cyber criminals are known to strike during long weekends and holidays, warning Aussie companies to be extra vigilant in the run up to the Queen’s Birthday weekend. As Australia gears up to enjoy the three-day Queen’s Birthday weekend, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd issues a stark warning about the increased threat level from cyber crime groups during extended holidays. During these periods, Rodney Thorne, country manager at Check Point explains, everything is “paralysed” so once criminals gain access to the network, there is far more time to extend the attack across the network. […]
  • Israel, small on Earth, large in space tech!
    For many decades there has been a significant debate worldwide about the need for and value of space exploration, with the costs and benefits over the long and short term assessed by policymakers and citizens alike. In the Israel of the 1980’s, policymakers recognized and accepted that space related activities had the potential to contribute, not only to the Israeli economy and the country’s international standing, but also to the advancement of humanity in terms of research, agriculture, communications and the monitoring of environmental pollution.  As a result, The Israel Space Agency was founded by government in 1983 under the […]
  • Israeli firm develops next-gen radar which can ‘see’ through walls
    Israel-based Camero-Tech company developed a next-generation portable, high-performance imaging system that can ‘see’ through walls. According to a press release from Camero-Tech, it is launching the Xaver 1000 – the new generation of the company’s product line that offers unprecedented operational capabilities to military forces, law enforcement agencies, intelligance units, and first responders.  The Xaver 1000 has an AI-based tracking algorithm of live targets and its own 3D ‘Sense-Through-The-Wall’ capability, enabling it to detect and ‘see’ people or static objects behind walls and obstacles. Live objects can be seen in high resolution down to the level of specific body parts. This includes […]
  • Elbit Systems of Australia’s Centre of Excellence, RMIT partner to protect Australians from natural disaster
    The pair have teamed up to deliver uncrewed technologies that protect lives during natural disasters and emergency scenarios. Announced at the Elbit Systems of Australia (ELSA) Centre of Excellence open day in Melbourne on the 6th of June, the two-year partnership will see the pair carry out two joint research projects on the use of drones during natural disasters and emergency situations. Major General (Ret’d) Paul McLachlan AO, CSC, ELSA managing director, welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with RMIT, expecting that the partnership will deliver cutting-edge research that keeps Australians safe. “Our partnership with RMIT University demonstrates that we are determined […]
  • Kogan engages fraud protection platform has joined forces with fraud management platform, Riskified, to increase its operational efficiency and deliver a more secure and frictionless shopping experience. With Riskified’s fully automated and scalable solution, will be able to expand its services and offerings without compromising the customer experience. head of operations, Daniel Taft said, “ is renowned for price leadership through digital efficiency. We do this by making data driven decisions that benefit our loyal customer base. “Online retail is still in its infancy in Australia, and plans to accelerate its adoption while consistently staying ahead of the curve in offering […]
  • NY State is Giving Out Hundreds of Robots as Companions for the Elderly
    A new way to address the West’s ‘loneliness epidemic’ The state of New York will distribute robot companions to the homes of more than 800 older adults. The robots are not able to help with physical tasks, but function as more proactive versions of digital assistants like Siri or Alexa — engaging users in small talk, helping contact love ones, and keeping track of health goals like exercise and medication. The scheme is being organized by the New York State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA), and is intended to help address the growing problem of social isolation among the elderly. […]
  • Sheba Medical Center Signs Agreement With Australian Cancer Center
    Israel’s Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer and Australia’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Center announced on Monday that the two have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) agreement that will “foster new international research collaborations and opportunities for staff development.” The MOU provides a framework for Peter MacCallum and Sheba Medical Center to jointly develop commercialization opportunities, an innovation hub in Melbourne modeled after Sheba’s ARC Innovation Center, research collaborations to grant the exchange of scientific materials for clinical trials, a six to 18-month clinical fellowship program, and a faculty researcher exchange. Peter MacCallum Cancer Center is a cancer research, education, and treatment […]
  • Israel: A flourishing Tech Sector and Consumer Market
    Spend a day walking around Tel Aviv and you are guaranteed to spot a pair of Tasmania’s Blundstone boots on a busy sidewalk, a surfer on their way down to Gordon Beach sporting a Billabong wetsuit, or a packet of Arnott’s Tim Tams in any local supermarket. Despite relatively modest export figures, Australian brands enjoy sustained recognition and affection in Israel. This bodes well for Australian companies with an interest in entering the burgeoning Israeli market. Israel’s GDP grew by 8.1 per cent in 2021, powered by its robust tech sector, rapid innovation and commercialisation of R&D. This was reflected in the momentum sustained through 2021 […]
  • Israel’s YO-Egg Raises $5M in Oversubscribed Round, Will Launch at US Restaurants
    Israel’s YO-Egg has secured $5 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round led by Stray Dog Capital and NFX. The latter is a tech investor which has never previously invested in a food company. Other investors included Surround Ventures and Secret Chord Ventures. YO-Egg will use the funding to increase production in preparation for its launch at US restaurants, with the ultimate aim of producing 50,000 plant-based eggs per day. The company’s vegan poached and sunny-side-up eggs will soon be showcased at the National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago, which will take place from May 21-24. By the end of 2022, […]
  • Robot Hives in Israel Kibbutz Hope to Keep Bees Buzzing
    More than 70 percent of crops, including almost all fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, spices, coffee and cocoa are dependent on pollinators such as bees They function as normal hives, but apiaries built at a kibbutz in Israel’s Galilee are decked out with high-tech artificial intelligence systems set to ensure longevity for these vital pollinators. “There are two million bees here,” said Shlomki Frankin as he walks into a 12-square-metre container in Kibbutz Beit Haemek in northern Israel. The 41-year-old told AFP that the hives feature a multi-purpose robot that does everything from monitor the bees to adjust the habitat and […]
  • R&R Smith embrace TIPA’s compostable packaging for their in-demand organic apples
    “We know that our customers want sustainable alternatives to single use plastic and we are extremely proud to introduce the first fully home-compostable package for our pre-packaged fruit. TIPA has provided the best solution for our produce, and we are pleased that our packaging now returns back to organic matter, making our products fully circular.” Andrew SmithManaging Director of R&R Smith R&R Smith has been growing apples in Tasmania’s beautiful Huon Valley for four generations. They’re Australia’s first and largest suppliers of organic apples, and view the health of soil, plants and people as a holistic, continuous system. They don’t […]
  • Hebrew University Collaborating with Australia
    The Zelman Cowen Academic Initiatives has launched a call for applications for scientific projects (including medical science), with a preference for projects that involved Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel-Australian collaboration. From an unexpectedly large number of applications, eight projects have been selected for funding up to AUD$150,000 each per annum over 2 years beginning in the middle of this year. The Vice-President for International Affairs of the Hebrew University, Professor Oron Shagrir, welcomed the initiative: “We were taken by surprise, not by the quality of the applications for we know the quality of research here in Jerusalem, but by the breadth […]
  • Israel’s Paratrek Designed A Wheelchair to Make Hiking ‘Accessible for All’
    It’s early morning, but the sun is already beating down on some 100 students and teachers who are about to begin their high school’s annual hike in the Eilat desert. The Ort Tivon students and faculty are excited — keen to embrace the outdoors, conquer the rocky hills, and form bonds. And this year they were especially thrilled to welcome three people who, in the past, might have thought twice about joining the trip. This year, Ort Tivon’s annual hiking trip included three hikers who use wheelchairs to get around. Yaella Shimonov’s disability stems from childhood polio that forces her […]
  • Israel Border Security Technology: Smart Walls and All
    Border security has increasingly become one of the most pressing issues within nations’ homeland security agencies. Though a controversial subject, there has been a consensus that borders must be secured humanely. A popular humanitarian solution has been the creation of smart walls. A smart wall is the use of technologies such as cameras, scanners, sensors, and radars used to prevent illicit entry, smuggling, and threats along borders. In fact last month, members of the U.S. House of Representatives formed a bipartisan Border Security Technology Caucus and approved a budget of $309 million for enhancing smart wall capabilities along the Southwest […]
  • Noname Security Launches Active Testing; Empowers Organizations to Shift Left with API Security Testing
    May 4, 2022 Active Testing allows businesses to prevent attacks and reduce vulnerabilities with every release San Jose, CA — May 4th, 2022 — Noname Security, the leading API security company, today announced the launch of its Active Testing solution within the Noname API Security Platform. Active Testing is purpose-built to address specific application programming interface (API) challenges and enable organizations to adopt a ‘shift left’ approach to API security testing.  Active Testing allows businesses to stop vulnerabilities before they reach production and innovate faster without compromising security. With Active Testing, organizations can continuously refine and strengthen their API security posture and reduce the […]
  • The Future of the Metaverse Lies in Israel
    Let’s transport ourselves back to 1989, Tim Berners Lee has just written his proposals for the WorldWideWeb software and the modern world as we know will never be the same again. Fast-forward to 2022 and are we witnessing the same thing with Mark Zuckerberg’s aspirations for the Metaverse. In between this time, we have seen mini internet revolutions that have transformed the way we work, communicate and grow as a society. Everything from the creation of Google to the dominance of Facebook, the online space has found new ways to grow and have an everlasting impact on the way we […]
  • Soil Health and Improved Soil Management
    The current global phenomenon of increased fertilizer prices also poses a challenge to farmers across the world and emphasizes the point of re-thinking the soil management protocols. Furthermore, proper soil management and farming routines also plays an important role in climate change implications. Soils are heterogeneous and dynamic. Investing in integrated soil fertility management requires targeting different investments responsive to requirements of different soil types and farming systems. Given the global rise in fertilizer prices, it is an opportune time to work together with various stakeholders, researchers, and leading experts to explore ways in increasing long-term efficiency and effectivity of […]
  • Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard: Nearly 11% of Twitter Accounts Participating in Discourse are Fake
    The majority inauthentic accounts were supportive of Heard Nearly 11% of all Twitter accounts participating in discourse surrounding Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, are inauthentic, new research shows. The majority of those inauthentic accounts are supportive of Heard, while most authentic accounts are supportive of Depp, according to an analysis of 2,300 Twitter profiles conducted by Cyabra, a tech company dedicated to improving online distance by detecting inauthentic behavior online. “Whenever there’s a lot of people involved, there’s always going to be some level of additional, inauthentic conversation going on around a topic,” Cyabra CEO Dan Brahmy told Fox News Digital, […]
  • Weizmann Institute of Science Researchers Discover a New Neuroprotective Pathway
    A Weizmann Institute of Science research team has linked a new gene to ALS that contains mutations that seem to play a defensive, rather than an offensive, role in the disease. (Communicated by the Weizmann Institute of Science Spokesperson) Genetic mutations linked to a disease often spell bad news. Mutations in over 25 genes, for example, are associated with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, and they all increase the risk of developing this incurable disorder. Now, a research team headed by Prof. Eran Hornstein of the Weizmann Institute of Science has linked a new gene to ALS, but this one […]
  • Israel and the UAE Complete Negotiations on a Bilateral Free Trade Agreement
    The completion of the negotiation is a historic event. This is the first full free trade agreement with an Arab country and is taking place so shortly after the establishment of diplomatic relations. Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Foreign Media Adviser) Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have completed negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement. The issue was discussed by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed at their meeting in Abu Dhabi last December, at which it was agreed to accelerate the contacts ahead of the signing, and at their meeting in Egypt last […]