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Israel is your investment destination.

Israel holds top scores on global indexes of economic competitiveness, a striking concentration of innovative people, a culture that promotes experimentation and daring, and governmental eagerness to create supportive conditions for investors, combine to make Israel a leading site of investment far beyond what its small size and short history might suggest.

Israel is an entrepreneurial powerhouse and a hotbed of pioneering technologies, providing profitable business opportunities and high investment returns. That’s why the world’s leading multinational companies have all made the choice for Israel, including Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Apple, Facebook, Berkshire-Hathaway, Intel, HP, Siemens, GE, IBM, Philips, Lucent, AOL, Cisco, Applied Materials, IBM, J&J, EMC, and Toshiba.

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Latest News

#Research and #Development is the key to the future.

The R&D Fund is the main instrument of the R&D Law. It provides financial #grants of 20%- 50% of approved R&D programs, reaching up to 60% in some areas of the country.

#Investment in R&D means Israeli and #foreign #companies from all #industry sectors have about a dozen reasons to work from Israel. To name a few:

– Large companies (<$100 M) that set up an R&D centre in
Israel’s periphery can receive multi-annual (24-36
months) support of 65%-75% for R&D expenses
– Extensive R&D cooperation network with different
countries and regions
– Experience with bi-national Funds.
– Over 40 bilateral industrial R&D support programs all
over the world
– Fruitful cooperation of industrial companies with
academic institutions
– Grants covering up to 66% of R&D in industrial
companies and up to 80% of research institutions
– Hundreds of technological incubators
– Sectoral programs
– R&D Expenses Deduction

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Did you know?
On average, Israeli #startups raise more than twice the amount raised by American startups and 20 times more than European startups. That’s because Israel considers its innovative minds a most valuable asset, and the government makes sure to nurture it.

In this context, one central issue within the #OECD #BEPS recommendations that Israel seeks to address is #IP registration location.

As part of the 2017-2018 state budget, Israel launched a new IP #tax regime. The new regime was tailored to the post-BEPS world, encouraging multinationals to consolidate IP ownership and profits in Israel along with existing Israeli research and development (R&D) functions.

What does this mean in practice?

* Wide definition of IP assets and IP sourced income
* 8 years tax amortization on acquired IP
* Easy entrance: no additional investments and no legal
registration are required
* Easy exit: only 6%/12% capital gain tax and no claw-back
of tax benefits under certain conditions

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