Incentives & Benefits

The State of Israel encourages both local and foreign investment by offering a wide range of incentives and benefits to investors in industry, tourism and real estate. Special emphasis is given to hi-tech companies and R&D activities.

Investment incentives are outlined in the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investment, and are coordinated by the Israel Investment Center (IIC). Fore more information, click here.

R&D incentives and benefits

The Office of Chief Scientist provides a selection of incentives and benefits for R&D in Israel. Many are now open to international investors. Click here for more information.

R&D centres for foreign companies

Click here to learn about support for R&D centres for foreign companies.

Financial R&D centres support program

Israel has developed a highly dynamic and vibrant Financial Services IT sector. In order to capitalize on the capabilities of this sector the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor has devised an innovative support program directed at foreign Multi-National financial and banking corporations. For more information click  here .

Employment Grants

In order to complement the revised Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments the government has decided to establish an additional program to increase employment in the outlying areas of Israel as well as specific centers with high unemployment. For more information, click here.

Taxation Benefits for Foreign Investors in Israeli Investment Funds

For information on the available taxation benefits, click here .

Film Law Benefits

The main aim of the law is to encourage the production of foreign films in Israel. To this end the law offers generous tax benefits that reduce the cost of production by up to 20%. For more information, click here.

Start-up Incubators

As massive repositories of potential ideas, the Israeli technological incubators have helped make Israel’s hi-tech entrepreneurship world-renowned. The Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Industry and Trade takes great pride in implementing the government policy of encouraging and supporting industrial research and development in Israel at the earliest stages. Today, with both public and private incubators assisting entrepreneurs in turning their ideas into exportable commercial products, Israeli business ventures look forward to a promising future. For more information, click here.

Business Grants for Employing New Immigrants

Businesses are eligible to receive grants for employing new immigrants and returning Israelis from The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption’s Center for Absorption in Science. For more information, click here.

Training Support Program

The Manpower Training Department in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor actively assists industrial companies to train workers in the different disciplines and professions as required by the company. For further information, click here.