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Having no extensive resources of fossil fuels, it was only natural for Israel to become a pioneer in researching alternative energy possibilities. The search for renewable energy solutions occupies the minds of many researchers, in the private and academic sector, throughout the country. An arid land with a comfortable and sunny climate, solar energy was one of the first alternatives of Israeli researchers.

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Information Technology

An IT Powerhouse by the early 1990s, IT exports from Israel totalled $90 million. In 2000, that figure was up to $2.6 billion. Today, IT exports have topped $3.6 billion, representing over one-quarter of all technology exports from Israel and almost one-tenth of total national exports. Additionally, the Israeli software sector draws over one-third of all foreign investment in Israel. Israel’s unique geographic, geopolitical, demographic, and cultural characteristics have combined to create a genuinely different software development climate – where innovation and entrepreneurship is the norm, early adoption is the rule, and thinking “out of the box” is a day to day phenomenon.

Life Sciences

Fourth in the world in biotechnology patents per capita, Israel not only has the talent to innovate but the skills to transform technology into a successful enterprise. A generous government incentives program is a major factor in pushing progress forward.

Water Technologies

Since its founding, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has treated the subject as a national priority. The country has been constantly developing novel and efficient water technologies, which can benefit the world as it is increasingly dealing with water scarcity concerns due to global warming. Israel’s success in answering the country’s water needs stems from its ability to incorporate an extensive variety of solutions under multiple constraints.

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In the past decade, Israel has emerged as a leading supplier for the global telecommunications industry. Producing cutting-edge, innovative technologies, Israeli communications companies continue to attract top-tier institutional investors, raising millions from venture capitalists.

Homeland Security

As a top national priority, Homeland Security in Israel is more than just an exportable commodity. Israel’s self-reliance has created a diversified and cutting edge security industry, adding innovation to existing technologies as well as developing new ones. Israel today has earned its worldwide reputation for providing leading security solutions and continues to successfully partner with key world players to protect airports, seaports, government offices, financial institutions and others.

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Semiconductor Industry

Israel has long been recognized as a leading force in the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor sector drives growth in many markets including microprocessors, data and voice communications, wireless, IP and networking communications, consumer, automotive, defence and more, representing prime opportunities for investment and cooperation.


Israel is one of the leading chemical-producing nations in the world, and chemicals are a primary export. The industry formally began at the beginning of the last century, when efforts commenced extracting minerals from the Dead Sea. When the State was founded, the new government established several state-owned companies to mine the raw materials and process the derivatives.


Israel is internationally recognized as a leader in cutting edge agricultural advancements. Israel’s high level of development is due to the close cooperation between scientists, extension advisers, farmers, and agriculture-related industries, who contribute to the manufacturing of advanced technologies used locally and around the world.

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Automotive and Aerospace

While Israel does not engage in large scale vehicle manufacturing, more than 100 Israeli manufacturers supply systems, parts, modules and tooling to both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and to the secondary market. Originally established to support, among others, the security and aircraft industries, Israeli companies have successfully adapted relevant technologies that were utilized for the military to civilian uses and made themselves a prominent technology destination for the internet.


Israel’s creativity in design has gained the country a reputation for being highly marketable and competitive. The country is strongly export-oriented and dependent on its advanced technologies sold on world markets. The concept of design spans all industries. Israeli designers have had breakthrough achievements in communications, interactive media, home and office products, medical devices, military, jewellery, textiles, fashion, toys and graphic design for advertising and branding. Israeli industrial designers collaborate with engineering teams to produce original and creative concepts that are both functional and appropriate for manufacturing.

Food & Beverage

Once known exclusively for its fresh citrus produce and processed citrus products, Israel is now renowned for its vibrant, fast-growing food and beverage industry. European, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines blend to create a diverse array of original Mediterranean-style foods, most of which are kosher certified. Israel’s dynamic food and beverage industry produce gourmet foods, high-quality ingredients, and rich ethnic cuisine. In addition to Israel’s signature product, the country has also earned a reputation for producing innovative, nutritious and delicious processed foods as well as a celebrated collection of fine gourmet wine.


Israel’s electronics industry is one of the country’s leading high-tech sectors and also plays a major role in the success of two other leading industrial sectors: communications and medical devices, with exports in these areas reaching $3.3 billion in 2004. Israel is one of the few countries of its size with end-to-end capabilities in the electronics industry. From basic chip technology, chip design, fabrication and testing, through the manufacturing of sub-assemblies and complete equipment.

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Israeli companies undoubtedly enjoy an exclusive advantage in the global cosmetics and toiletries industry. Direct access to the Dead Sea and its natural minerals and vital ingredients, provides the healthiest production environment on earth and grants Israeli companies like Dead Sea Beauty Products, an incredible competitive edge in the cosmetics market. Many Israeli companies combine advanced science with the natural resources of the Dead Sea, renowned as a unique health and spa site, to produce top of the line cosmetic products. Salts, black mud, and other rich minerals have supported the global success of the Israeli cosmetics industry which exports an annual $ 165 million.

DIY and Homewares

Israel’s DIY industry is renowned for its innovative thinking and design. It is a worldwide leader in the plastic industry and understands the business of DIY, which enables international cooperation with wholesalers and retailers around the world.