“Collection” – Auction House

The Collection Auction House serves as a public auction house of antiques and fine art in Israel.
Located strategically in the prestigious northern sector of Tel Aviv, the Collection Auction House comprises a gallery that additionally functions as an exhibition hall within the picturesque garden located on the premises.
Public auctions are performed quarterly, offering a prominent display of art and antiques, all meticulously selected to suite the demands of art connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. In an effort to obtain inimitable works, the Collection Auction House has established an ongoing collaboration with a wide array of museums, galleries, renowned artists, private collectors, art foundations and legal representatives that specialize in inheritance and estates.
Invitations and catalogues for the public auction are sent out periodically to numerous selected collectors of art and antique aficionados.
In addition to the public auctions carried out in the gallery, the Collection Auction House serves as a platform for artists and collectors that wish to display their pieces within the gallery. By doing so, the Collection Auction House offers the artists and collectors the possibility to enjoy exposure to the gallery’s wide number of followers.
The Collection Auction House possesses the leading advertising budget in Israel, and invests considerable effort in the mission of expanding public awareness in the field of art and antiques.

J.L. Artglass & Sculpture Ltd.

Jeremy Langford was born in London in 1956 to a family steeped in the arts and entertainment. For over thirty years, Jeremy has earned international acclaim as a glass artist and sculptor and is a recent recipient of the prestigious THEA Award from Disney International for his work in the new Generations Center next toContinue reading “J.L. Artglass & Sculpture Ltd.”