Behind the Scenes in Fauda

In Fauda Season 4, Episode 2, actors refer to three Israeli companies that helped Doron and the team locate the bad guys. They are Cellebrite, Armis, and Ermetic. I review each one and see what they do because all three have people on the ground in Australia, working with Australian entities. Cellebrite – Digital IntelligenceContinue reading “Behind the Scenes in Fauda”

Health at Home: The Benefits of Reduced Time in the Hospital

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a statement that in the United States more than one out of every five deaths can be linked to Hospital-Associated Infections (HAI) in the United States. The most effective way to change this statistic is to reduce the amount of time patients stay in hospitals. ThereContinue reading “Health at Home: The Benefits of Reduced Time in the Hospital”

Implanting Innovation the Israeli Way

The 1982 movie, “Annie”, gave us the memorable takeaway, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. A simple gesture which wields considerable power on our mind, body and social relationships. Yet, the upkeep of those pearly whites is cause of immense anxiety for millions. DentaVox market survey reveals 60% of the population, across geographies, experienceContinue reading “Implanting Innovation the Israeli Way”

The Israeli AgriFood Tech Sector

Israel has long been a trailblazer in the field of AgriFood-Tech, having been forced to innovate in order to overcome unfavorable growing conditions. Its landmark achievement was the invention of drip irrigation, a novel way to water and fertilize crops – using minimal resources that went on to revolutionize the meaning of the term arableContinue reading “The Israeli AgriFood Tech Sector”

L3Harris and IAI partner on vehicle protection system L3Harris Technologies has entered into a teaming agreement with IAI-ELTA Systems to deliver a sophisticated fire detection and response capability for Australian armoured fighting vehicles. The new system is expected to enable a combat vehicle – when it encounters live fires – to immediately detect incoming rounds and initiate self-defence responses, which include a combination of electronic warfareContinue reading “L3Harris and IAI partner on vehicle protection system”

Chief Rabbi of Israel Rules Aleph Farms’ Cultivated Steak as Kosher

Cultivated meat company Aleph Farms announces that Israel’s Chief Rabbi, Yisrael Meir Lau, has ruled its cultivated steak to be kosher, meaning it is permitted for consumption by Jews under religious law. According to the food tech, this is the first time such an authority in Judaism has decided on cultivated meat. Aleph Farms, which focuses onContinue reading “Chief Rabbi of Israel Rules Aleph Farms’ Cultivated Steak as Kosher”

Healthcare’s Answer to “Facebook, Waze and Tinder”

Social media algorithm pairs up people with same conditions It’s somewhere between Facebook, Waze and Tinder, says Amnon Bar-Lev. He’s created a social media platform that connects people with similar health conditions so they can share experiences, discuss symptoms and medication, and be there for each other. Alike is up and running in the USA, whereContinue reading “Healthcare’s Answer to “Facebook, Waze and Tinder””

illustria | Use Open Source Responsibly

illustria is your agent-less “watchdog”  for all open source libraries. Our mission is becoming a dev-velocity company, enabled via cyber security. Developers benefit from our inline approach by reducing overhead work – early detection is crucial. Managing and analyzing 3rd party open source components throughout the application lifecycle. Our coverage includes the download phase (including developerContinue reading “illustria | Use Open Source Responsibly”

Vgarden Launches “Game-Changing” Vegan Tinned Tuna for B2B

Israeli manufacturer Vgarden announces the launch of a 100% vegan tinned tuna for the global B2B food market. The Israeli food-tech claims the NPD offers the same appearance, texture, aroma, and flavour as the regular canned staple.  Ilan Adut, Vgarden’s CEO, states: “Our tinned tuna has a distinct flaky, yet moist and chewy texture, with a powerful fresh-from-the-sea aroma.”Continue reading “Vgarden Launches “Game-Changing” Vegan Tinned Tuna for B2B”

Cyrebro | Cloud-based Security Operation Platform

CYREBRO is on a mission to completely revolutionize cybersecurity operations by putting the power of a full-fledged Security Operations Center (SOC) in the hands of any user in any organization. The company provides a first-of-its-kind managed SOC Infrastructure. Users are secured with enterprise-grade security no matter the size of their business; ensuring fast and effectiveContinue reading “Cyrebro | Cloud-based Security Operation Platform”