Oracle opens underground Israel cloud data centre

JERUSALEM, Oct 13 (Reuters) – Oracle (ORCL.N) opened the first of two planned public cloud centres in Israel on Wednesday, enabling companies and other Israeli customers to keep their data on local servers rather than rely on other countries. The underground data centre is nine floors – about 50 metres – below one of Jerusalem’s technology parks.Continue reading “Oracle opens underground Israel cloud data centre”

Life on Mars: Simulating Red Planet Base in Israeli Desert

With Australian Space-Tech launching, this article is sure to wow! Technicians assist a trainee astronaut to suit up in a spacesuit. Six members from Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Israel will be cut off from the world for a month Inside a huge crater in Israel’s sun-baked Negev desert, a team wearingContinue reading “Life on Mars: Simulating Red Planet Base in Israeli Desert”

How Israeli Start-Ups Thrived During COVID-19

While the rest of the economy took a hit during COVID-19, the start-up tech sector thrived and sometimes benefited. The original article was published by Alon Ghelber, CMO at Revuze on Jpost The COVID-19 pandemic has been disastrous for virtually every part of the economy in most countries around the world. Even if weContinue reading “How Israeli Start-Ups Thrived During COVID-19”

Israel Winery: 1,500-year-old Byzantine Wine Complex Found

A 1,500-year-old wine-making complex, said to have been the world’s largest at the time, has been discovered in Israel, archaeologists say. Five presses were unearthed at the huge Byzantine-era winery at Yavne, south of Tel Aviv, which is estimated to have produced two million litres a year. After a sophisticated production process it was exportedContinue reading “Israel Winery: 1,500-year-old Byzantine Wine Complex Found”

Ashton Kutcher Invests in MeaTech to Help Push Israeli Cultivated Meat to Market

In today’s most unlikely news, a collective called Sound Ventures led by actor Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary, the Israeli-American businessman and investor known for Maverick Records and his work with Madonna and U2, has announced a partnership with Israel’s cultivated meat leader MeaTech, the world’s first publicly traded cultivated meat producer. Sound Ventures describes itself as “an investment vehicleContinue reading “Ashton Kutcher Invests in MeaTech to Help Push Israeli Cultivated Meat to Market”

Israeli Innovations Redefining the Supply Chain and Logistics Sector

Retail e-commerce is growing at an exponential rate, clocking an estimated $4.28 trillion in sales in 2020. In 2022 it is estimated that revenue will hit $5.4 trillion according to Fueling this e-commerce boom is the digital revolution, the COVID-19 Pandemic and the need for convenience. Lockdowns meant that e-commerce became the primary wayContinue reading “Israeli Innovations Redefining the Supply Chain and Logistics Sector”

Protecting Against Software Supply-Chain Cyber-Attacks

The cyber warriors of U.S. Cyber Command had to act: Alerting the 180,000 users of Atlassian’s Confluence software that they risked becoming victims of a massive ongoing software supply chain attack. In a September 3rd Twitter post, USCYBERCOM warned that “Mass exploitation of Atlassian Confluence CVE-2021-26084 is ongoing and expected to accelerate. Please patch immediatelyContinue reading “Protecting Against Software Supply-Chain Cyber-Attacks”

Israeli Education Technologies | Redefining Education in the Covid Era

The advent of Covid-19 forced people worldwide to work and learn remotely. Many in the education sector were caught unprepared, lacking even the most basic skills required for transitioning to online teaching and learning. This was compounded by the lack of access to adequate technology, resulting in severe gaps within education. Surprisingly, the COVID crisisContinue reading “Israeli Education Technologies | Redefining Education in the Covid Era”

Smart Transportation | Israel Innovation Authority

The computerization of motor vehicles and their surroundings is causing dramatic changes in the global automotive industry. This trend offers the Israeli technology sector far-reaching opportunities to become a part of the international automotive industry. Israel is at the forefront with the world’s most advanced technologies relevant to Smart Transportation and most of the world’sContinue reading “Smart Transportation | Israel Innovation Authority”

BioConvergence – The Future of Medicine

The past year showed us that the growing need to combine innovative technologies used in developing more precise, personalized medicines and treatments is already becoming reality! As we are amid the Bio-Convergence revolution, this short clip briefly explains this new discipline, and how Israel is positioned to take the lead in this filed globally. So…Continue reading “BioConvergence – The Future of Medicine”