Concept for Pharmacy

Having recently received Patents in Israel , Australia, New Zealand and several other countries for the principal of our Blue Line Disinfectants we are very interested in finding suitable agent/distributors in New Zealand and Australia to promote this Israeli invention.

We are already well received in Israel and are selling to Major Hospitals and also to the Veterinary market for  Large Animals (Milking),  and for other purposes.

We would be very happy if you could help us find  suitable contacts (possibly government etc) and agents to market and distribute in Australasia. We probably need two agents  (as we have never found a single company that deals with the two completely different areas that we manufacture for).

1, A company that deals with the medical , (hospitals, clinics, public health in its widest sense e.g. schools, offices)

2 A company that specialises in large animal health – especially ,milking animals (prevention of mastitis) but also chickens, horses etc.

As you can see these are areas which are very diverse.  We also make disinfection products for the Food and Catering industry and for Agriculture / This is a third area but possibly suitable for a company which deals also with the Veterinary markets.

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