Israel at Singapore Air Show 2010



State-of-the-art security solutions developed by Israel’s aerospace and defense industries are designed to meet tomorrow’s challenges while delivering operational dividends today. Safeguarding Israel from outer space and keeping vigilant eyes over long borders and the open sea are critical elements in the nation’s security. Israel’s homeland defense solutions serve many government and public sector bodies, all of which benefit from the technologies and unique expertise of Israel’s investments in its national security.

Israel’s aerospace and defense industry offers tailored solutions to every customer. These range from the largest aerospace conglomerates to small endusers requiring a unique technological solution. Aircraft operators in particular look to Israel for modification and adaptation of main platforms and advanced upgrades. With their operationally-tested expertise and extensive technical and engineering capability, Israel’s aerospace and defense companies are prepared to help you meet your most challenging demands.

You are invited to visit and explore Israel’s aerospace offerings at the Israel Pavilion at the Singapore Air Show 2010. Israeli companies are ready to work with you to meet your requirements and transform your vision into reality.

To view the Minisite, please click here.

To view the catalogue of exhibiting Israeli companies, please click here.



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