The Israel National Roads Co. Ltd.

The Israel National Roads Co. Ltd. declares that it is presently considering expanding the use of permanent and temporary tapes for road marking, and therefore wishes to expand its database of approved suppliers in this field.

 Therefore, The Israel National Roads Co. Ltd. hereby invites applications from companies and individualsto be included in the database of approved suppliers in the field of light-reflecting sheets for road marking, subject to their fulfilling the basic requirements and according to the criteria specified in the company’s procedure for approving suppliers of road-marking materials.

Basic Requirements 

  1. The proposed marking material will have a valid permit from the Intergovernmental Committee for Evaluation of Traffic and Safety Equipment, which is appointed by the Director-General of the Ministry of Transport.
  2. The manufacturer’s quality (control) system will have a valid permit from the Israel Standards Institute, or any other accreditation body recognized by the company, which states that it conforms to ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 requirements. The company will accept ISO 9000 permits for quality (control) systems, issued by recognized certification bodies, with direct international accreditation. In order to receive this recognition, the permits of documentation are required to have the logo or other identifying marks of the national accreditation body.

 Technical Requirements of Tapes  for Temporary Marking at Work Sites

Tapes for temporary marking at work sites will be in shades of orange or yellow, and meet the requirements of the Israeli Standard 935, Part 6.

  1. The level of visibility of the tapes, measured with retro-reflectivity equipment, which meets the requirements of the EN 1436 standard, will be at the level of over 120 (med/lx/m2).
  2. The minimal warranty period required for the tapes is 6 months.
  3. When the request is for accreditation of unknown marking material, a field trial will be conducted with the above material, in order to examine its quality. If the results of the field test are positive, the proposed material will be approved for use in construction projects conducted by the Israel National Roads Company Ltd.
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