LPM Lares Group

LPM Lares Group was established by experienced Project Managers, Senior Engineers and Quality Directors with more than 15 years of experience in the Defense and Homeland security Industries in Israel. We have extensive experience as Project Managers of A/C upgrades, H/W and S/W design, production, installation and R&D projects etc. in magnitude of dozens of millions of US Dollars. We realized that as prime contractors to the Israeli companies, foreign companies might face difficulties in monitoring and control certain contracts, thereby miss many project aspects, pay extra in travel costs in order to manage and monitor the vendors, face delay on schedule and suffer from budget deficiencies and lower performance of the projects. We are confident that our extensive experience and familiarity with the Israeli industries, Israeli culture, mentality and Hebrew language, can assist foreign companies to enhance the performances of their projects in Israel, regardless of the project’s size. With LPM Lares Group as your Local Project Manager (LPM) in Israel, your company will have closer monitoring and control of the local suppliers, reduce project’s risks and reveal and solve problems (engineering, schedule or cost related) from the very beginning. The services we offer are approved by the Israeli Authorities as buy-back/offset. We invite you to visit our website for detailed company profile and further explanations of the services that we can provide.

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