Israeli Water Technology to the Australian Mining Sector

Australia is a dry continent with competition for scarce water resources.  Water is therefore a key business risk for top companies. From a broad Australian perspective, drought, over-allocation, inefficient water supply (loss driven) and climate change has resulted in the Australian government developing a 10-year A$13bn plan to adress this criticals issues.

Mining companies require adequate water of the appropriate quality to operate as water is used across the business from exploration, mining, processing, smelting and refining. There are many challenges facing mining companies in Australia.  Water treatment, protecting ground and surface water, tailing and brine management, evaporation enhancement and  minimisation, power-efficient desal plants, linking power and water efficiencies to reduce greenhouse gas footprint, economic modelling of value/cost of water management.

The Israel Trade Commission (ITC) will be hosting a delegation of Israeli water technology companies in Australia 28th-30th June 2010. The delegation will be focusing on Israeli water technology to the Mining industry and is aimed at introducing senior executives in the Australian mining industry to the many innovative technological solutions offered by Israeli companies to the water industry and to the IsraelNEWTech.

To view the profile booklet of Israeli Water Technologies to the Mining Sector’s delegation to Perth

Click here to view the seminar on the Australian mining sector that took place at WATEC Israel 2009.

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