Intelligent Traffic System Bidders Conference

The Israeli National Roads Company (INRC) has initiated a comprehensive program for the deployment of Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) applications across the road network, consisting of various levels of instrumentation. The ITS program is of national importance to both the State of Israel and to the INRC itself. For this reason, as well as the scale of the overall program, the INRC is interested in ensuring the direct participation of suppliers and manufacturers from outside of Israel in the Suppliers Conference, which will be conducted under the auspices of the General Manager of the INRC. Foreign participants may be accompanied by local Israeli representatives.

The Conference will be held on July 26-28 2010, near Metropolitan Tel Aviv.

The Israeli National Roads Company Limited (INRC) is responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of 6,500km of interurban roads and highways in Israel. At the core of the road network are approximately 500km of high speed, high capacity highways, that interconnect the major urban centers of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod and Ashqelon and Be’er Sheva.

The ITS deployments will enable the INRC to more effectively manage the road network capacities by collecting and disseminating information regarding the status of traffic and congestion.

The first component of the ITS program is a multi-phased deployment of the National Traffic Management System (NTMS), covering 360km of highways in the central area of Israel. The first phase of the project includes 120km of the network, in the vicinity of Metropolitan Tel Aviv. The NTMS project includes field technologies to be deployed and integrated to a central software system, via a WAN communications and infrastructure.

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