Contech 2010 will bring together Israeli and international business executives, political decision makers, and leading researchers to debate – and craft solutions for – the major issues facing today’s content and technology industries.

More specifically, Contech 2010 will provide an ideal opportunity for world leaders in the content field to discuss where this dynamic industry is heading and to learn from the most creative minds about new formats and new production technologies that will enable all of us to produce content in the most efficient and cost effective ways.

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Main Conference Topics

Mobile Content
Film & TV
The New Media Consumer
The New Media Creator
Content Business Models

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Why Israel?

Israel, the gateway to discovery

Israel has earned its reputation for bold ventures and breakthrough technology, as well as for generating and marketing innovative and engaging content for emerging technology platforms.
The country’s vibrant content and technology sectors are supported by groundbreaking academic research and development, major venture capital investments, high-tech incubators, and a dynamic private sector.
Promising initiatives in this sphere have been accelerated by supportive government funding, policies, and incentives. As with previous conferences, missions to the event from countries that are recognized for their achievements in leveraging innovation are currently being arranged.
Contact Details

Exhibition Organizers

Kenes Exhibitions
P. O. Box 56, Ben Gurion Airport
70100, Israel

Conference Organizer

Kenes International
P. O. Box 56, Ben Gurion Airport
70100, Israel

Registration & Accommodation

Kenes Tours
P. O. Box 56, Ben Gurion Airport
70100, Israel

Dear Colleagues,In the current rapidly changing market, the boundaries between the three view screens (PC, TV, mobile) are very elastic, and content is not only consumed on the three screens but is also created specifically for different screens, posing tremendous challenges on the content and hi-tech industries.Add to that the fact that content today represents a plethora of media types such as music, video, internet content, news, games, user-created content such as blogs and twits, and more.There are many questions on how content and technology will play together in a world of multiple media types and format, and multiple screen and platforms.

CONTECH 2010 International Conference & Exhibition, the premier event that places—on a single landscape—the world of content and the leading edge technologies used to deliver it.

CONTECH is the first and only conference to span the spectrum of these ever-converging elements.
The symbiosis between captivating media content with pioneering applications, devices, and media presents unprecedented opportunities for partnerships in this dynamic market, providing the ideal environment to develop and promote synergetic new formats and technologies.

Compelling session speakers include leading experts from prominent international companies, such as Facebook, the BBC, FOX, Microsoft, HBO, YouTube, Hulu, and Google.

The conference offers insightful sessions including:

  • Mobile content
  • Film and TV
  • New media consumers
  • Gaming
  • New media creators
  • Content business models
Who will be there:

8 Keynote Speakers leading figures from leading companies

Eric Huggers Director, Future Media & Technology ,BBC
Sebastien Marteau VP, Fox Mobile

Come and meet the speakers on the event website!

Conference attendees include entertainment executives, content creators, promoters, digital media industry professionals, technology product developers, and other industry decision makers.

What would you like to take away from Contech 2010?

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the latest in contech
  • Learn about best practice solutions that have proven successful
  • Obtain insights into how other countries, companies, and organizations resolve challenges of broadcasting and creating of content.
  • Seek partners for projects and business ventures
  • Find the technologies that will address your most pressing problems
  • Promote international exposure for your important initiatives
  • Meet colleagues, solution providers, potential customers, and other decision-makers – on a global level
  • Advance your career through networking and education
  • Leverage your time in a single cost- and time-effective forum for professionals in the industry

Delegations and Target markets abroad :
We already have confirmation on 3 delegations of Media buyers from: France, Italy and South Africa.
Our emphasis is to bring delegations from the markets as follows:
USA, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, China and Argentina.

For the 4th year in a row, we celebrate the Israeli Games Market.
Join the pro’s and companies who develop remarkable games, tools, services and technologies for the worldwide interactive entertainment market

Start-ups in the spotlight

CONTECH is featuring the Innovation Pavilion, a forum to highlight Israeli breakthrough solutions in technology and approach to the content .This pavilion receives high visibility from the media and benefits from heavy international publicity from Israeli economic attachés worldwide. It is a unique opportunity for start-ups to promote their products, explore partnerships, attract investors, and expand international exposure.

Featured exhibitor benefits:
  • Priority prescheduled meeting with potential buyers and industry leaders
  • Company promotion in English Exhibition Guide distributed to all attendees and used by Israeli commercial attachés worldwide
  • Listing on CONTECH website
  • Focused leads using CONTECH’s innovative lead-generation system
  • On-site meeting scheduling
  • One free conference pass
  • Two Invitations to opening cocktail event
  • Joint breakfast for exhibiting company CEOs and prominent speakers (pre-arranged seating)
  • Exposure for start-up exhibitors: Participation in start-up competition
  • Preferred visitor recruiting by Israeli commercial attachés of target attendee countries
CONTECH 2010 – the international crossroads for the CONTENT & Technology industries

CONTECH 2010 the premier event that places—on a single landscape—the world of content and the leading edge technologies used to deliver it. CONTECH spans the spectrum of these ever-converging elements, featuring the symbiosis between captivating media content with the pioneering applications, devices, and media designed for optimal user interaction.

CONTECH 2010 is the nexus of technology and content, incorporating the vision, challenges, and solutions that are driving the future of the industry at an accelerated pace. It is the forum for content creators/providers and technology enablers and decision makers to shape the direction of digital media through thought-provoking discussions, showcases, and networking opportunities.

Here are a few highlights that make attendance a top priority:

  • 10,000 exhibition attendees projected
  • International delegations
  • 20 countries represented
  • An array of new products and solutions that will be premiered for the first time
  • Expansive exhibition forum; ideal venue for both exhibitors and those seeking solutions.
  • The on-line meeting planner that makes it easy to pre-schedule meetings with the people who want to see you the most
“The fusion of content and technology demands bold
strategies for innovation and creativity.”
– Mr. Yona Wiesenthal
Senior VP of Content
yes DBS Satellite Services
Premier Israeli satellite broadcaster
Co Chairperson Contech 2010
“Israel, the land of technology, innovation and unique content formats, as portrayed in “Startup Nation” by Saul Singer and Dan Senor is an ideal venue for hosting such an event.”Mr. Yoram Yaacovi
CTO &GM- Technologies
Microsoft Israel
Co Chairperson Contech 2010
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