Israeli Water Technology to the Mining Sector

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Australia has a substantial resources industry and is a world leader in mining technologies. The mining industry is a major user of water and is in constant search of better water technologies to suit the special needs of this sector.

Israel is known as the Silicon Valley of water. Israel has been confronted with extremely limited natural resources due to its location and terrain. It has had to develop innovative water technologies and waste water treatment solutions, and is becoming a world leader in the field of cleantech. Currently, Israel recycles over 70% of all water used.

With Israel being one of the world leaders in clean tech and water technology, there is a clear synergy between these sectors and vast opportunities for collaboration between the two countries.

This seminar was held to coincide with the Israeli Delegation’s visit to Perth. This Israeli Delegation is focused on what solutions Israeli Water Technology companies can offer to the Australian Mining Sector. For more information on this delegation to Australia, please click here.

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The following Israeli Companies were in attendance on this incoming delegation. Please click on the respective company below to see the PowerPoint presentation that was given during this Mining Industry Seminar;

Company Name Technology
A.R.I. Flow Control Systems Air Valves
Amiad Wastewater Filtration
Baccara Geva Air Valves
BallTech Cleaning System for heat exchangers
Beth-El. Air Filtration
Bio Pure Technology(BPT) Nanofiltration membranes
C-Valve Valve solutions for water supply
EWA Technologies Extraction of Humidity from Air
IDE Technologies Wastewater Treatment
Netafim Irrigation Products
Nirosoft Wastewater Treatment
Odis Filtering Wastewater Treatment
Plasson Polyethylene Piping and Joints


Click here to see photos from the reception with the Lord Mayor of The City of Perth.

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