Danya Cosmetics

Danya Cosmetics Ltd. was founded in 1985 and rapidly established itself as a leader in the domestic cosmetic market. Its emphasis on innovation combined with insistence on quality of the highest international standards has aided the company in expanding into markets around the world, and Danya Cosmetics is now recognized as a manufacturer of the finest cosmetic products. Comprehensive range & unlimited creativity Danya’s range of products includes makeup, skincare products and fragrances, and covers the complete spectrum of cosmetics: powders, lipsticks, mascara, nail polish, makeup remover, makeup kits, skin creams and lotions, perfumes and more.
Imagination and creativity are at the heart of the company. Danya continuously introduces unique concepts to the cosmetics market, investing considerable resources in improving current products, renewing its lines and creating new products. This innovation is reflected in the attractive packaging and pleasing designs that are a part of every Danya product. Experience, professionalism & a devoted team of experts Underlying the company’s creative vitality is a deep understanding of the cosmetics field. Development and research is led by highly experienced dermatologists, skincare specialists and cosmeticians whose aim is to ensure the most effective formulas, while Danya’s manufacturing processes utilize advanced equipment and techniques, backed by a strict quality control system.

Danya understands that the core of the company is its human resources. The company makes every effort to ensure a pleasant and comfortable working environment while investing in training and involving itself in the professional progress of each of its employees. The result is a dedicated team that wholeheartedly supports the company’s uncompromising insistence on quality and excellence.

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