Israeli Seminar @ Knowledge Cities World Summit

Melbourne 2010 Knowledge Cities World Summit will bring together leaders who understand and shape how cities develop to create local life spaces and professional environments offering a quality of life to citizens as they cope with challenges of modern life.

On Friday 19th November at 11:30am there will be a session called “Insight into Israel”. 5 world class speakers will be presenting different case studies on cities in Israel.

The following people will be presenting in this session:

Z Weinstein
Housing Policy in the Israeli Project Renewal.
D Morgenstern
Rehovot as a model for knowledge towns in Israel.
A Aharoni
Making knowledge cities attractive to young families.
E Pasher and Y Pasher
Making knowledge cities attractive to young families.

To view the Summit website, please click here.

To view the full Summit Program, please click here.

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