WaterTech Breakfast Seminar – Prof. Raphael Semiat

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As a result of Israel’s continuous need to overcome a scarcity of natural resources, particularly water, and benefiting from close cooperation between government, scientists, consultants, and farmers, Israel has emerged as a significant global innovator of cutting edge cleantech technologies and a worldwide model for the efficient use of water and energy.

The Israel Trade Commission (ITC) and the Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) would like to invite you to the upcoming breakfast featuring Professor Raphael Semiat.from Israel. The event will be a catered breakfast which will allow you the unique chance to hear from a leader in the water technology and desalination field

Professor Raphael Semiat

Professor at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Director of the Grand Water Research Institute

Head of Rabin Desalination Laboratory

Date: 21st July 2011
Time: 08:00 – 09:30
Venue: The Brisbane Polo Club Waterfront Place Brisbane

Address: Naldham House ,Corner Eagle & Felix Streets Brisbane, Queensland

Professor Raphael Semiat is one of the World’s foremost research experts on Water Research and Desalination. He has researched extensively on the following topics:

Water Technology

Desalination using evaporation and membrane processes. Problems of membranes fouling, pre and post treatment. Uses of membranes for water quality problems and waste treatment. Enhanced recovery with concentrate treatment.

Separation Processes

Membrane processes. Crystallization. Nano crystallization. Use of nano crystals for removal of organic matter from water.    Modeling of liquid-liquid settlers. Improvement of extraction columns. Mechanisms of heat transfer enhancement.

Optical measurements techniques

Use of Laser Doppler Velocimetry for two phase-flow. Development of Laser Grating Velocimetry technique for relatively large particles. Study of drops motion in printing heads. Shear induced migration in concentrated slurries.

Industrial Project

Desalination. Concentrate treatment. Water treatments. Double falling film evaporator for solution concentration. Crystallization of aluminium chloride.

To view Professor Semiat’s presentation on “NEW DIRECTIONS IN DESALINATION” please click here

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