STH Health Line

S.T. Health Line was founded in 1991 by two pharmacists, well experienced in pharmaceutical and cosmoceutical fields.

The decision to establish a manufacturing plant was due to several reasons, including:
1. The desire to apply the abundant Know -how and experience of the founders in The production of cosmoceuticals (Medical Cosmetics) based on natural active ingredients.

2. The need and demand for the development of unique that are not available in the market in the fields of medicine and cosmetics.

Today, the company’s Research and Development department (R&D) engages the implementation of new ideas, both for foreign companies and for self – production as well.

Our products are exported to European and other countries.
Major markets are: Cyprus, Denmark, Switzerland, Philippines, and Singapore. In addition, S.T. Health Line is a FDA licensed producer and some of our products were registered at the FDA.

Our experienced team has already developed tens of formulas, for treating the following:

A. Skin disorders such as: Extra dry skin, Fungi infections, Eczema, Psoriasis, Mosquito bites,
Burn-ease etc.
B. Head lice.
C. Nail fungi infections – onychomycosis.
D. Herpes simplex sores.
E. Teething jelly and mouth sores.
F. Acne treatment.
G. Hemorrhoids treatment.
H. Colds relief.
I. Prostate Benign Hypertrophy (PBH) – natural capsules.
J. Figure Gel.
K. Anti-Wrinkle treatment.
L. Weight reducing capsules.

In addition, special semi-solid preparations are produced for pharmacies and dermatologists (Base creams, Base gels etc.) and for hospital use (Ultrasound gels). Liquid preparations are produced for various medical and cosmetic purposes.

Contact persons:

  • Yousef Anton (M.Pharm. Sc.) – mobile: +972-528-355716
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