Israeli Water Technology for the Mining and Resources Industries

The Israeli Water Technology for the Mining and Resources Industries Catalogue

Australia is a dry continent with competition for scarce water resources.  Water is therefore a key business risk for top companies. From a broad Australian perspective, drought, over-allocation, inefficient water supply (loss driven) and climate change has resulted in a strong focus by many leading Australian companies on their water management solutions, and practical ways to address these critical issues.

Mining & Resources companies require adequate water of the appropriate quality to operate as water is used across the business from exploration, mining, extracting, processing, smelting and refining. There are many challenges facing such companies in Australia such as water treatment, protecting ground and surface water, tailing and brine management, evaporation enhancement and minimization, power-efficient desalination plants, linking power and water efficiencies to reduce greenhouse gas footprints, and economic modeling of value/cost of water management. In addition, the treatment of waste water in the Coal Seam Gas Industry is of vital importance given the increased environmental issues and regulations facing Australian companies.

Since its founding, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has been treating the subject as a national priority. The country has been constantly developing novel and efficient water and energy technologies, which can benefit the world as it is increasingly dealing with water and energy scarcity concerns.

From the comprehensive management of water resources and water-saving irrigation technology to cost-saving purification, reclamation and desalination methods as well as water security and water treatment solutions, Israel is leading the world in producing water technology for sustainable development.

The Israeli Water Technology for the Mining and Resources Industries Catalogue

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