The Decade Group – Young Engineers Ltd.

The company specializes in finding creative education solutions, and has developed the “Young Engineers” (YE) programs that teaches children Math, Physics, and Machine Engineering, using LEGO© and Kid K’nex©.

The main goal of the programs is to demonstrate the theoretic studies using stories, examples and building models which powerfully illustrate the theoretic topics. Using this method, the child not only understands the principles in theory but also in practice. Each lesson combines the suitable model that helps the child understand the complex physics laws and math.

Today the DG is one of the largest children’s extracurricular companies in Israel. Most of their activities take place in an extracurricular setting in schools and community centers The company also cooperates with other institutions such as: Welfare department, the Tel-Aviv University, private centers etc.

The company’s next step is to expand overseas, using the: “Young Engineers, LEGO Challenge” program, which is their most common extracurricular course, over 90% of the overall courses are provided. After running this course for one year they plan to add the rest of the programs to our curriculum abroad.

The “YE Programs” won the appreciation of many others, and become one of the largest-successful extracurricular companies in Israel within only 3 years. The DG teaches its courses in more than 130 education centers in tiny Israel, and has educated more than 2200 children 2011.

Today the DG contacts the Tel-Aviv University, Carnegie Mellon University and the Ministry of Education in Israel. The YE activities in Israel are very gainful.

The founder, Mr. Amir Asor, known for his YE work, is one of the 3 finalists in the YBI international “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition, established by the Prince of Wales (England) whose serves as the institute president.

Demonstration aides:

  1. The YE English website:
  2. Presentation and General overview
  3. Short clip describes what we are doing, filmed especially by YBI.

Please notice – Password needed for entry: ybi

The company is interested to collaborate with companies which specialize in the field of training programs for kids and teenagers, as well as entrepreneurs

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