Zohar Dalia cooperative agricultural association ltd. is Israel’s largest and most advanced manufacturer, supplier, and developer of detergent intermediates and cleaning products. We export a wide range of quality products worldwide, including surfactants and special concentrates to home, personal care, textile, and other markets.

Since its establishment in 1939 by Kibbutz Dalia, Zohar Dalia has evolved to become Israel’s leading detergent manufacturer, with staff of 94 employees and a production capacity of 70 thousand tons annually.

Zohar Dalia’s syntheses and formulations are based on proprietary know-how, developed by our experienced and highly skilled R&D and technical staff.

In the late 50’s, Zohar Dalia was the first company in the world to introduce its patented SO3 gas sulphonation process to manufacture sulphoric acid. Furthermore, in the 90’s, Zohar Dalia developed a unique technology for manufacture of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in granular form. This was the first patented process in the world to make non-dusty, highly soluble, free flowing granules of this product. It is these kinds of achievements that have earned Zohar Dalia international recognition, which are translated into worldwide export capabilities.

In December 2006, 50% of Zohar Dalia were acquired by Emilia group. In 2009 Emilia group acquired Zohar cosmetics (Careline plant from Yeruham) and 50% of Danagis (One of the biggest distributors in Israel). In 2010 Zohar Lab was acquired by Zohar Dalia, which leads the local institutional and industrial (I&I) markets with ready to use products.

Those acquisitions take place Zohar Dalia as the largest producer for Privet Label in Israel in detergents, toiletries and cosmetics.

Zohar Dalia has the abilities to produce 80,000 tons of products a year.

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