Aerosupply Israel 2012

The AEROSUPPLY ISRAEL 2012 event will be the first international business convention for the aviation and aerospace industry organized in Israel and will provide a unique opportunity to meet with Israel’s aviation and aerospace industries leaders that offer a vast and flexible array of state-of-the-art products, devices, components and technologies. These include the world’s most advanced UAVs and mini-UAVs, business jets, military and civil aircraft upgrade packages, precision machining and castings, simulators, electro-optical and infrared sensors, C4I systems, space satellites, airborne reconnaissance platforms, and more…

Based on a 4 days program, including visit to leading Israeli factories as well as two day session of prearranged one to one B to B meetings, the event will offer International companies to have the chance of touring the premises, meeting, build up targeted business relation and developing new projects with Israeli companies from the aerospace arena.

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Companies in the following fields will be represented:
Aircraft and Helicopter Component Manufacturer (Avionic, Fuselage, Wing, stabilisers, flaps,
  Engine Component
Engineering Service
Electronic flight instruments Avionics HW & SW Aeronautics Software
Aerospace Machining, Molding, Composite materials, Hybrid aero-structures,
Embedded Systems, optical & electronic products, Active Noise Control, Avionics Data and Video
  Training and readiness sw, Simulation tools, etc…

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  1. The Aerosupply event is divided in 3 distinct parts:
    1. 21 and 22 of May: A two days tour including visit of the factories (including big names such as IAI but also smaller companies) onsite presentation and meeting with the top management of the companies
    2. 23 of May Morning: A half day conference where many Israeli officials and executives from leading companies both Israeli and International will address a keynote. In the 23 evening, an exceptional Networking dinner will be offered for all the participants.
    3. 23 afternoon and 24 all day: One and a half day of prearranged B to B meeting. We have developed a software on the website where the international companies will be able to browse  the profiles of the Israeli companies and request meetings with the interesting ones (
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