EV & Energy Storage, Oil-Free B2B Initiatives

The “EV & Energy Storage, Oil-Free B2B Initiatives” event is organized by the Prime-Minister’s office, Office of the Chief Scientist at Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor, MATIMOP, Ministry of Industry, Trade & Labor and Shmuel De-Leon Energy.

Please clcik here to see the full program.

The event is also a part of the “2nd Israeli Power Sources Conference” (Batteries, Fuel cells and EV) that will also take place in the Daniel Hotel, Herzelia, Israel on May 31 st, 2012.

The event is organized to discuss and provide a platform for investments, partnerships and Joint Venture/cooperation opportunities with the Electrochemical and EV Industries in Israel.

Most leading Israeli companies in the field will participate in this event.

Investment companies & companies from Israel and abroad that are looking for joint ventures and cooperation opportunities with the local industry will attend.
The event offers B2B meetings using our free online software that enables you to pre-select and manage your meetings, while at the same time profiling yourself in the way that will attract partners, investors and friends.

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