Agrivest Summit

With the world’s population expected to grow from 7 billion today to 9 billion by 2050, the need for improved agricultural productivity has never been greater. One of the most obvious ways to enhance productivity is through the stimulation of innovation in agricultural technology and a general renewal of the technologies on which the agricultural sector is based.

Innovation is prevalent in diverse fields of activity, from breeding new crop varieties, to sustainable crop-protection and post-harvest technologies, livestock health, feed solutions, aquaculture, soil-less agriculture, and on to irrigation technologies, precision agriculture and even energy production from second generation agriculture.

Israel NewTech, the Investment Promotion Center, Mofet Venture Accelerator in association with Agritech 2012, cordially invite you to the first AGRIVEST SUMMIT 2012 to be held on Monday, May 14, 2012 at Mikve Israel, Israel’s first agricultural school.

Please click here to see a catalogue of the exhibting Israeli companies.

Join us for this exciting brainstorming event presenting the challenges and solutions facing the Agritech and energy second generation agriculture investment community and have the opportunity to get introduced to innovative Israeli entrepreneurs, local and international investors and government officials. Hear and learn about the new technological breakthroughs that the Israeli industry has to offer.

Please clcik here to see the official Agrivest Summit website.

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