CleanTech Summit 2012

The largest exhibition of water technology, infrastructure and environment in Israel! CleanTech 2012 International Exhibition for water technology, infrastructures and quality of the environment takes places for the 16th consecutive year and is the most important professional meeting in these areas in Israel.

3 – 4 july 2012
The Israel Trade Fair & Convention center. Tel-Aviv, Isr

Opening Hours:
Tuesday,July 3th, 2012: 10:00 -18:00
Wendnesday, July 4th’,2012: 10:00 -18:00

The clean-tech industry is developing in giant leaps and every year thousands of new companies emerge around the world introducing innovative technologies in various clean-tech branches. Worldwide population growth, combined with rising standard of living and rapid economic growth in emerging markets, creating environmental strains and a dramatic increase in demand for raw materials and natural resources. These affect each and every one of us.
New studies identify that the next wave of innovation in the world would be a “green wave” that will include radical resource use efficiency, green chemistry, ecological industries, renewable energy and green nanotechnology. The miniaturization revolution which broke through in computers and electronics – now come to the Clean-tech technologies and its effects on daily life – in the near future will be amazing.

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