CleanTech 2012

3 – 4 July 2012: 16th Annual International Summit and Exhibition for Water Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Recycling, Green Transportation and Green Building.

CleanTech 2012 is the 16th annual international event for Clean Technologies: environmental quality, infrastructures and green building, renewable energy and water technologies. The exhibition will take place at the Israel Trade Fairs and Conventions Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel. CleanTech Exhibition has gained the status of a high quality international business platform, where companies, researchers and professionals display their newest developments, novel technologies and outstanding quality services in the fields of environmental protection and green solutions, infrastructure, renewable energy, waste treatment, water technologies for treatment, desalination, harvesting, purification, filtration and more. During the exhibition, there are professional conferences, seminars and symposiums, in which executives come to learn.

Exhibition Segments:

Waste Water Treatment Domestic: Grey Water Recycling, Biological Remediation etc. Industrial: Recovery, Cleaning, Recirculation Waste Water Plant Design, Engineering and Construction Services

Waste Efficiency Devices Water Management, Security and Flow Control Renewable Energy Global investment in renewable energy sets new records every year, according to a reports released by the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21). Technologies such as wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, and small hydro now provide hundreds of gigawatts of electricity generating capacity. Subsequently renewable energy markets have been growing robustly. According to the forecasts the market capacity may at least double itself within a relatively short period of time. The steep rise in air pollution and oil prices has spurred the development of energy alternatives that will reduce dependency on expensive, environment-polluting oils. Israel must keep abreast with the developed countries and increase its use of renewable energies. The Exhibition promotes the technologies in this crucial area.

New Israeli incentives program for solar photo-voltaic systems The Israeli Public Utility Authority (PUA) published on June 2nd 2008 the new incentives program for solar photo-voltaic systems. Summary of the program: – Feed in tariff of 2.01 NIS per each KWh produced. – Residential systems up to 15KWp, commercial up to 50KWp. – Contract for 20 years. – Size of the system is limited to the size of the electricity connection of the site.

Green Building In recent years there has been a growing awareness of “green construction,” that is, building that provides a higher quality of life and healthier environment by cutting back on the overall bad effects on the environment from the process of construction and building use. The exhibition will emphasize the environment as a central factor in the planning and implementation of green construction projects.

Natural Gas Gas demand, which is rising at a slightly faster rate than oil, is currently being drived by rapid growth as a fuel for clean and efficient electric power generation. As with oil, gas resource additions have exceeded demand for most of the last century. Much of this supply was discovered between roughly 1960 to about 1980. This was driven by major discoveries in Russia, the Middle East, the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Waste and Recycling Recycling is an economic development tool as well as an environmental tool. Reuse, recycling, and waste reduction offer direct development opportunities for communities. According to different sources the worldwide recycling industry employs the skills of more than 1.5 million employees as well as using a great armoury of sophisticated machinery. With a total annual turnover exceeding US$ 160 billion, it is also a capital-intensive business. Annual investments and R&D in the recycling industry amount to around US$ 20 billion. Each year, the global recycling industry processes more than 600 million tonnes of commodities such as ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, plastics, textiles, glass, tyres and much more. CleanTech 2012 will display cutting-edge technologies and solutions for this industry.

Air Pollution The contamination of the air we breathe is the curse of the developed countries. Special factors in Israel, such as population density, the continuous rise in the standard of living, and meteorological conditions exacerbate the problem. Unfortunately Israel lags far behind the first world in the treatment of air pollution and the effects that can cause disease and suffering. The exhibition management targeted this area for special concern by raising public awareness of the need to cope with this problem seriously.

The 16th CleanTech exhibition The Israel Trade Fair & Convention center, Tel-Aviv, Israel ,3 – 4  July 2012

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