Israel @ Sial 2012

Sial 2012

Paris, France

21 – 25 October

Sial 2012 is a global marketplace for all those involved in the food industry (retail, trade, manufacturing, catering professions, services). In 2012, Israel will be hosting a national pavilion showcasing an array of different Israeli food companies, reflecting the many and varied tastes of Israel.

Israel was once known exclusively for its fresh citrus produce and processed citrus products, but is now renowned for its vibrant, fast-growing food and beverage industry. European, Middle Eastern and North African cuisines blend to create a diverse array of original Mediterranean-style foods, most of which are kosher certified. Israel’s dynamic food and beverage industry produces gourmet foods, high quality ingredients, and a rich ethnic cuisine. In addition to Israel’s signature produce, the country has also earned a reputation for producing innovative, nutritious and delicious processed foods as well as a celebrated collection of fine gourmet wine.

Health awareness, at the top of Israel’s consumer agenda, has driven the development of the country’s meatless, sugar free, organic and other specialty foods.

The Israeli food sector is characterized by strong competition, the use of advanced working methods, strengthening marketing networks, and effective multinational partnerships. Above all, Israel’s food industry is known for its desire and ability to provide Israeli and international consumers with a broad and diverse range of quality products.

Placing a heavy emphasis on research and development, many Israeli food companies have developed innovative products that are exported worldwide. The flexibility and willingness of Israeli companies to meet buyers’ specifications make Israel an excellent source for private label goods. In particular, there are several specific markets that we believe food products from Israel are able to fill.

To view the list of exhibiting Israeli companies please click here

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