Renewable Energy Projects – Call for proposals for Israeli entrepreneurs abroad

Capital Nature Ltd. – Call for Projects for Returning Israelis – Renewable Energy Technological Entrepreneurship

Dear Entrepreneur/Scientist,

Capital Nature Investments Company is pleased to announce a Call for Projects, as part of a new program for developing potentially-applicable technological projects in the field of renewable energy. The program is operated as part of R&D cooperation between the company, the Chief Scientist and the Investments Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. The program’s total budget is 114 million NIS over 5 years, and it operates pursuant to an Israeli governmental decision.

Capital Nature is a leading investment company, focusing on investments in renewable energy technologies in the seed and early stages of entrepreneurship. The company also invests in applied academic research in the field of renewable energy, and operates and a field test site and a technology verification lab (under construction).

The company’s partners constitute a wide array of professional and leading organizations in the industry, academy and financial sector, such as Elbit Systems, Ormat, Repha’el, Direct Insurance, Proseed Fund, Consensus Business Group, University of Ben Gurion, Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Administration, and more.

Capital Nature began its activities in 2011, and since then has been operating the National Renewable Energy Center in the Arava (next to Kibbutz Yotvata). The Center includes complete infrastructure for projects – offices, labs, field test site and a verification and standards lab. Capital Nature’s investments portfolio since 2012 includes three companies and two applied researches.

The experimental field enjoys optimal conditions for R&D in the field of green energy – (almost) 365 sunny days a year, strong winds and proximity to the Red Sea. In the site we provide, among else, a defined and safe experimental field, an equipped meteorological station, professional and business support, and soon also a connection to the electricity network. In addition, the company is building together with the Standards Institution a lab that will provide standardization of solar energy systems.

Capital Nature seeks to invest in potentially applicable technological projects, with an expected duration of up two years, and which can influence and change the global market of renewable energy. The investment in each project is planned to reach approximately 2.5-3 million NIS, and the company can also invest in follow on investments in the project companies.

This Call is targeted to locate, promote and fund initiatives for R&D projects in the following fields:

  1. Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, etc)
  2. Smart Grid
  3. 3. Energy Storage
  4. Energy Efficiency
  5. Bio-fuel & Biomass

The applications for investments will be reviewed the Capital Nature team. Recommended proposals for investment will undergo a more intensive review process by additional professionals and experts in the field.

For proposals which will pass the first screening and will be approved for investment:

  • Each project will be set with milestones for operation. Reaching a defined milestone in the work plan is a condition for the continuation of funding and operation of the project.
  • Each project will be operated under a designated project company, established for that cause (a start-up company).
  • Each project shall receive technological assistance and business guiding from Capital Nature.
  • The entire IP will belong to the start-up company established, and the activity will take place in Israel, in the Center for Renewable Energy.

Proposals must be submitted according to the following specifications:

1. Name of the project and the entrepreneur/s.

2. Definition of the project/application’s field.

3. Targets and goals with regard to technology, products, markets, etc.

4. Professional/technological background materials.

5. In case prior work was done in the field – description, budget invested, work status.

6. Conducting the project – R&D stages and milestones.

7. Assessment of the required budget for the project.

8. Assessment of the option to patent the development.

9. The entrepreneur/s’ background and experience in the field.

The proposal must not exceed 5 pages in total.

For inquiries or questions, contact us by phone + 972 9 7715230, or by email

The proposals in the described format must be emailed by January 30th, 2013, to Ms. Elit Steiner,

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