When Israeli Technology and Australian Service & Accessibility add up to Energy Efficiency

Gamatronic, the world class manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply systems, announced it will unveil the new Diamond in Backup Power. Gamatronic are introducing the modular high efficient Centric+ 25KVA-800KVA UPS, at its upcoming Energy Efficiency Summit being held on October 1st in Perth, Australia.

The event on 1st of Oct 2013 is being hosted by: The AICC Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Power Shield, Gamatronic (Israel, TASE:GAMA) and The Israel Trade Commission, all joining hands in discussing and promoting the reduction of Energy Losses in Australia, as well as promoting the “Trade Friendship” bridge between Australia & Israel. The event will be attended by industry leaders involved in the backup power supplies world.  It will focus on new trends and innovations in efficient energy consumption leveraging off 45 years at the forefront of developing continuous, reliable, pure power and power protection solutions.

A key challenge in the 21st century is the distribution and conservation of power a challenge brought on by the increasing electrical requirements of such sophisticated systems as those used in data centres, mining, health care, the military, security, traffic control and telecommunications. This ever increasing demand puts undue strain on the electrical grid to maintain supply. This can lead to surges and spikes on the line as well as other problems such as brownouts, power sags, line noise, harmonic distortions, and frequency drift and even total power failure. Such problems can prove to be debilitating to businesses continuity. The UPS (Uninterrupted power supply) modularity using a small footprint was perfected through revolutionary research and development by Israeli electrical engineers.

In 2010, Gamatronic signed an exclusive agreement with Power Shield, an Australian company which understands Australia’s power problems and has been instrumental in solving them for thousands of businesses since its inception in the year 2000. Focused on providing customers with the cleanest and most reliable quality power, Power Shield is uncompromising in developing the best possible UPS technology. Together the companies continue to develop energy saving technologies for the unique requirements of the Australian market, influenced by the climate, aging power network and tyranny of distance. FMG, Nestle, The Peter Doherty Institute and BGC, are already reaping the benefits of the alliance and connection. The Director Sales and Marketing of Power Shield, Malcolm Levin, states “I see a major growth in the customer’s requirements for flexibility of power growth, higher efficiency in a smaller footprint, as well as a local lending hand to consult.”

Commenting on its decision to hold its initial Centric Product launch at the Energy Efficient Summit, Seth H. Davis, Global Business Development Manager of Gamatronic Electronic Industries, said: “The Gamatronic team is highly excited about unveiling our new Centric+ UPS in Australia. The Centric ticks all the boxes for modularity, power density, cost reduction, high efficiency, and capacity all bundled up into the smallest possible piece of equipment, at a competitive price”

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Further information on Gamatronic is available at www.gamatronic.com, www.powershield.com.au


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