Australian Delegation to Watec



The Israel Trade Commission together with the AICC recently led a successful Sustainability Trade Mission to Israel to explore Israel’s amazing Cleantech ecosystem, and visit the Watec 2013 conference and exhibition. Delegates included government officials, senior business figures, and academia. The trade mission included group meetings around cleantech, energy efficiency, water technology and water treatments as well as renewables, low emissions technologies, biofuels and gas. Delegates also had tailor made meetings according to their specific objectives.

Representatives from more than 100 countries visited Israel to participate in the Watec 2013 Water Technology and Environmental Control Exhibition and Conference in Tel Aviv last week. They  visited dozens of pavilions of Israeli water technology and cleantech companies, which were displaying innovations in desalination, wastewater treatment, round-the-clock control and warning systems, water quality systems, and more.

Water technologies exports totaled $2 billion in 2012, and the Export Institute says that exports rose 170% over six years. Export Institute CEO Ofer Sach forecasts $2.2 billion in water technologies exports this year.

The Export Institute says that Israel has 280 water technologies companies, 150 of which are exporters. The 20 largest companies had $1 billion in exports in 2012.

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