Spotlight on…Top It Up


Top It Up is a new startup from Israel that is trying to find a solution to the problem of evaporation and algae control for large reservoirs and lakes, and it has the Australian market as it’s main focus.

The innovative Top-Up Ball System, is a unique modular floating cover for reservoirs, ponds and lakes. The patented technology is based on the design and construction of the Top-Up Ball and offers a commercially viable solution to evaporation and algae control whilst improving water quality. Additionally, the Top-Up Ball System also offers a solution to the aquaculture industry, specifically fish farming by protecting fish from birds of prey, whilst increasing their bio-mass and purifying much of the effluent water from fish ponds.

About the Top Up Ball

The Top-Up ball is symmetrical, with special rims and an inner float. It has a hole at the top and at the bottom and a number of them around its equator. The sun’s energy is utilised to allow an evaporation-condensation cycle to occur inside the top half of the ball whilst reducing the temperature of the water. This process of thermal distillation improves quality by purifying, decontaminating and enriching the water with dissolved oxygen and, disinfecting, desalinating and destroying bacteria and microbes.

Installation is simple and quick. Balls are tipped into a reservoir. The balls roll down the slope into the water and each one fills up exactly half way so that the half with water is submerged and the other half is in the air. Maximum coverage is 92% which enables sufficient light and air to penetrate the water. Blocking light from the reservoir prevents growth of algae and plankton thus reducing the danger of blockages to filters and pipe systems that these cause. The water in the submerged part of the ball acts as ballast to resist it being drawn out by wind.

Top It Up was recently acknowledged for their innovative product solution when they were  awarded an Honourable Mention for Initiatives and Innovation by the  Israeli Prime Minister.

Top It Up is currently looking for interested partners in the Australian market, to connect with them please contact the Israel Trade Commission office.

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