Unitywater and TaKaDu Announce Long-term Contract Renewal



Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia, and Yehud, Israel – June 24, 2014 –

Unitywater, a leading water utility from Queensland Australia, and TaKaDu, a global leader in integrated water network management, today announced a three year extension of their contract following a successful trial of TaKaDu’s innovative software.

Unitywater and TaKaDu began working together in June 2013 on a 12 month trial with the goal of improving the operational visibility and efficiency of Unitywater’s water supply network and reducing costs and water losses. The deployment was managed by TaKaDu’s technology partner in Australia, Jacobs.

The success of the initial trial has led Unitywater to increase the amount of the network to be monitored by TaKaDu’s solution, which monitors and reports real-time information and alerts about inefficiencies and water losses.

In addition to improved customer service and higher efficiency, Unitywater has identified clear tangible benefits and achievements with TaKaDu’s web-based solution including:

  • Prevention of water loss, estimated to be almost one billion litres, which equals to about $2 million in one year
  • Eight days to detect and resolve network issues, a reduction of two-thirds in the time it takes, and
  • Increased meter up-time and zone availability by 77-96%

“Work cycles with TaKaDu were extremely efficient,” said George Theo, Unitywater CEO. Its cloud-based solution was up and running within five weeks from project start, providing us with valuable insights into our network.

“The solution is always evolving – TaKaDu collects user requests on an ongoing basis and applies them in new product versions which are available every couple of weeks. As we were seeing clear value from adopting TaKaDu’s solution, the decision to sign a contract for the longer term was an easy one in terms of being commercially prudent.”

TaKaDu Founder and CEO, Amir Peleg, said “We are pleased to continue supporting Unitywater in its endeavour to provide a high quality of service through the use of innovative technologies.”

As a decision support system, TaKaDu’s solution provides insights into operational efficiency and is used as part of Unitywater’s management strategy to improve the efficiency of its water distribution assets, bringing greater value to its customers.

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