Israeli R&D discoveries up by 20% in latest report by Central Bureau of Statistics


Already leading the world in R&D according to the Bloomberg Global Innovation Rankings, Israel’s discoveries and inventions are continuing to rise.

The latest data released by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics shows that over the course of 2012 and 2013, 20% more discoveries and inventions came out of Israeli research institutions than in 2010 and 2011. During this period over 1,400 inventions were proposed to commercialisation companies, with 922 receiving protection in the form of a patent, copyright or something else similar. Revenues from sales of intellectual property went up 11.9%, with medicine sales making up 94% of revenue.

Most inventions and discoveries were reported by Israel’s universities at 70%, with the remainder coming out of Israeli hospitals and research institutes.  Discoveries out of universities were mainly in the biotech, medicine, physic, electronics, electrophysics, chemistry and nanotechnology fields. Those out of hospitals largely related to developments in medical devices, while submissions from research institutes focused on agriculture and plant genetics.

The commercialisation companies connected to the IP and discoveries have been involved in the establishment of 72 start-up companies from 2012-2013 in Israel and abroad. Most of these (81%) focus on scientific research and development, while the remainder focus on computer programming.

With the number of Israeli discoveries and inventions accelerating at such a rate, it is no wonder Israel is known as the ‘Start-up Nation’. 2014 has already seen a number of groundbreaking inventions and discoveries out of its research institutions, such as a blood test to detect breast cancer, discovery of a protein that may reverse Alzheimer’s damage and a way to help heavy smokers quit for good. We eagerly await the incredible inventions that are sure to come out of Israel in the second half of this year.


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