DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, September 24th -29th 2016

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival will be held September 25th -29th, incorporating DLD Tel Aviv Digital Conference on the 27th and 28th.

DLD is a leading conference, created by Burda Media, which brings together the best thinkers on issues of innovation, media, digital , entertainment, art and science . It was originated in Munich, where it takes place every year at the third week of January.

DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival will take place this September for the sixth time. The core event of the Festival is DLD Tel Aviv Digital conference. In addition the festival will host tens of co-events and conferences held by multinational companies, as well as Israeli companies and organizations. Among the companies which have beem part of the Festival in previous years are: Municipality of Tel Aviv Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft, PWC, Facebook, Yahoo, Bank Leumi, The Israeli Game Developers Association -GameIS and a GarageGeeks meeting.

You will be a part of the coolest and smartest companies, techies, startups, designers, artists, scientists, investors, cultural drivers, geeks, makers and social entrepreneurs from Israel and of course members of the international DLD community.

The festival features various events by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, PWC, Intel , The Game Developers Association, Facebook , Bank Leumi, GarageGeeks, Infinity, startups and accelerators shows and others.

Check www.dldtelaviv.com website for details  and more information.




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