Events & Exhibitions

Leading Israeli Trading Technologies for Capital Markets

Our colleagues in Singapore – The Israel Trade Commission in Singapore will be holding an online webinar focused on Israeli trading technologies for capital markets.

The online event will be held Tuesday, July 14th, between 16:00-19:20 AEST.

It will feature two senior keynotes: former President of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Mr Muthukrishnan Ramaswami and current Chairwoman of the Israel Securities Authority (ISA), Ms Anat Guetta.

Alongside, 5 Israeli Algorithm-trading tech companies will present their solutions to a target audience tuning-in from a select number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Presentations will be made between 16:00 and 17:20 AEST, with 1-1 meetings available with the Israeli companies, which we are welcoming you to schedule between 17:20 and 19:20.