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Water Emergency @ IL

In recent times we have witnessed many changes in the global climate that bring natural disasters more frequently than expected and damage our environment severely. One of the most important resources impacted by these disasters is water, whether it is water sources, infrastructure contamination, and supply. The ability to supply usable water in pipelines is a fundamental and essential resource various authorities, governments, and municipalities rely on. During an emergency or natural disaster access to potable water sources may be limited, jeopardizing the life of residents and citizens.

8 – 9 December, the Export Institute and The Foreign Trade Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry will hold an event on water crises where we will discuss the dangers and implications of such events.

The event will include:

  • Virtual pavilion of solutions with booths of Israeli water technologies companies
  • Panels with keynote speakers
  • B2B meetings


ASTERRA, Technology by Utilis

Satellite-based infrastructure intelligence


Ayyeka provides an end-to-end tool for smart infrastructure

Be Strategic Solutions

Simulating to optimize complex decision-making processes

EZPack Water Ltd.

Water purification, storage, and transportation solutions.


Emergency solutions – Water, Sanitation and RDS


The World’s First Water Purification & Desalination Vehicle

Mapal Aeration Solutions

Retrievable & Floating Fine Bubble aeration


NUF® TECHNOLOGY-AFFORDABLE Ultra-Filtration for Water Treat


ODIS – Treating water for life


Risk and threat mitigation solutions for critical industries

Reali Technologies Ltd

Holistic solution for Real time remote control & data manage


Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) – a proprietary technology

Sdema Group

Sdema Group is a Security Design and Management Firm

Siga OT Solutions

SIGA provides an OT Process anomaly detection solution.


Real-time, automated, continuous systems for bacterial count


Creating drinking water from air for people everywhere

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