Healthcare Collaboration Series | Employee Burnout in Healthcare

Where Global Challenges Meet Innovative Solutions

Meet leading TECH addressing CHALLENGES related to Employee Burn-Out in Healthcare

We are excited to invite you to the first session of HealthIL’s quarterly Global Collaboration Series, where we will address some of the most pressing challenges in healthcare organizations and introduce innovative technological solutions. 

The event on Burn-Out in Healthcare is the first of a series of quarterly thematic events brought to you by HealthIL. Each of our quarterly collaboration events will involve presentations from relevant technological solutions and startups around a specific topic. 

This first event is intended for any healthcare organization that is looking for solutions to address the challenges of burnout, and any technological solution that can address these challenges.

​Challenge Exposure and Pitching Tech Event: this session is for healthcare organizations to present their challenges and needs pertaining to burnout and meet startups that offer relevant solutions. [March 22nd]

B2B Deep-dive: Virtual B2B deep-dive meetings between tech and providers will follow the event [March 23-25]


  • Hear pitches from leading startups based on your interest
  • Pick which startups you want to meet for deep-dive B2B networking

Benefits for

  • Pitch your solution to a GLOBAL audience of providers
  • B2B deep-dive meetings with providers

This event is open to all healthcare provider organizations and any tech companies who feel they can address employee burn-out

-HealthIL reserves final decision on participants-

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