QLD Water Grid Fiasco Needs Rethink

Desalination Plant -LAST month’s announcement that the federal government would demand a say in planning the future of Australian cities saw Queensland premier Anna Bligh immediately jump in with a suggestion. Ms Bligh applauded prime minister Kevin Rudd’s approach but said her state already had the answers.

Lauding her government’s infrastructure plan as an international award winner, Ms Bligh said it could be the model to guide the growth of the “big Australia” Mr Rudd envisaged. There is fat chance of that now.

Central to that SEQ infrastructure plan was her government’s $9 billion water strategy which now lies exposed as an exercise in pure folly. The SEQ water grid was to consist of 450 kilometres of pipeline, two new dams, the $1.2 billion Tugun desalination plant and the $2.5 billion western corridor recycled water project.

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