Sano is looking for new distributors in Australia. We are Israel’s leading manufacturer of household cleaning products and toiletries. Can you help us find a distributor or supermarket chain to buy our products in Australia? Below is more information about us that you can share with potential customers. Also, our catalogs are attached to this email.

We make $300 million in sales per year and export nearly $30 million per year. We produce cleaning liquids, laundry detergents, toiletries, diapers & paper, air fresheners, and pesticides & insect repellants.

For a listing of products and company overview click here


1. 600 products for you to choose from for every household cleaning problem!

2. We have special niche products (see below)

3. Highest quality products made in Israel

Product photos

1. Hand hygiene gel!

Available in 100ml and 300ml bottles. Available with vitamin E, aloe vera, and blue and green bubbles.

2. Floor cleaning liquid that also prevents cockroaches!

Available in 1L and 2L bottles and 1L refill bags.
3. Oven cleaner that eliminates hot and cold grease!

Available in 750ml trigger bottle and 300ml aerosol.

4. Toilet rim block soap that lasts 800-1000 flushes!

55 grams. Available in blue, peach, apple, green, purple, and strawberry varieties.

5. Laundry detergent that only needs 36 grams for one complete laundry wash!

Available in 360gr box, 1.25kg bag, and 2.5kg bag. Advance for tough stains, Javel with chlorine inside, Black for dark clothing, Bio for cold water laundries, Sensitive for people with sensitive skin.

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