Parma Shutters Technologies

Parma Shutters Technologies is seeking strategic partners, investors and distributors for its range of  high  end architectural fenestration products such as Sun louvers, Window shutters, Facades, etc. with access to the leading architects of luxury villas and apartments. Parma Shutters Technologies has developed an innovative ‘Tilt & Stack’ mechanism for louvered shading products. The uniqueContinue reading “Parma Shutters Technologies”

Barkan Mounts

Barkan Mounts is seeking a distributor in Australia for its range of tv mounting systems. Since its establishment in 1988, Barkan Mounting Systems has specialised in enriching the customer’s home entertainment experience through the development, manufacturing and marketing of patented superior mounting solutions for TVs, tablets, and other consumer electronic products. Barkan has developed aContinue reading “Barkan Mounts”

Studio ‘1of135’

Studio ‘1of135’ is seeking to collaborate with interior designers, stylists and architects for their limited edition wall art. Studio ‘1of135’ is an online art gallery presenting and offering exclusive, limited edition art prints – up to 135 copies of each print is created and sold worldwide. Studio ‘1of135’s modern designs are carefully curated and designed to giveContinue reading “Studio ‘1of135’”

EZ Mobile Phone Stand

EZ Stand is seeking major distributors in Australia. The patented prodict holds your phone for you for convenient viewing and use. The stand is adjustable to phone depth, width and angle. You can charge the phone while using the stand and it is suitable for most surfaces. The stand is silicone, meaning it is light forContinue reading “EZ Mobile Phone Stand”


BK Manufacturers is a company that is located in Shoham, Israel and has an office in Shanghai China and its main focus is to help companies execute their products from concept to mass production. BK gives full support of Prototypes, Molds, Production, Sourcing and QA services The BK team is managed by Ido Klein (BscContinue reading “ProShader”

Simple – Inventions Co.

Simple – Inventions Co. is an innovative houseware products,  creating and manufacturing its own products which are basically very simple and useful products. Introducing our new product Fresh Hanger. It is a hanger with a built-in small compartment holding inside a scent pad. The pad spreads fresh scent from assorted odors and rejects moth andContinue reading “Simple – Inventions Co.”

Cunial Antonio Israel L.T.D

The company The Cunial family has a hundred and twenty years’ experience in the production of terracotta roof tiles and its brand is globally recognized and highly appreciated. During the 1990’s, after a period of significant exportation from Italy throughout the Middle East, the construction of a new factory was started for the production ofContinue reading “Cunial Antonio Israel L.T.D”


ZICO TECH design products for Hardware ,Electrical supplies, Electronics supplies ,DIY chain store and Security Supplies. Two products relevant for the Australian Market are 1. Security Camera Tester for Technions 2. Dobule Power soldering iron- Gun Shape