Speech Modules Ltd

One of the great areas of modern communications that remains to be mastered by technology is the field of natural speech recognition and transcription.  The ability of a “machine” to automatically understand and transcribe any speaker, talking in their natural language and style – without the need for human agents – has proved to be a task too far for current technology.  If this can be achieved the opportunities for its application are almost limitless and cover virtually all aspects of life – and in particular the field of telephony and mobile communications.

Leading the quest for a new approach is an Israeli company.  Speech Modules, based in Rehovot, has developed a unique speech recognition and transcription engine that is capable of fully automated, real-time transcription of speaker independent spontaneous and continuous speech.  Capable of handling more than 75 languages and dialects with a vocabulary in excess of 25,000 words it is a genuine breakthrough in the field.

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