Corsight AI Webinar Invitation | The Future of Facial Recognition | Live Demonstration

THE WORLD’S LEADINGFACIAL RECOGNITION Any face. Any camera. Recognized instantly. Tuesday, October 12, 2021 Thailand & Vietnam – 1:00pm (GMT +7) Philippines & Singapore – 2:00pm (GMT +8) Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) – 5:00 pm (GMT +11) Corsight AI’s technology is able to compliantly identify individuals on watchlists even under the most challenging conditions, overcomingContinue reading “Corsight AI Webinar Invitation | The Future of Facial Recognition | Live Demonstration”

Stretching Communication: How Israeli Solutions are Addressing Last-Mile Connectivity

With the rapid infrastructural expansions that we are accustomed to in the global telecoms industry, it is impossible to believe there are often a minority of consumers of telephony services who are consistently under-served. Despite the meteoric growth of the Internet and broadband connectivity in the past two decades, about 49 per cent of theContinue reading “Stretching Communication: How Israeli Solutions are Addressing Last-Mile Connectivity”

Look into the Telecommunication Industry

The global Telecommunication industry is transforming large communication and Technology companies with the maturity of intelligent edge. The intelligent edge is the combination of advanced connectivity, compact processing power, and Al located near devices that use and generate data. Predictions are that in 2021, there will be an expansion by Telecoms deploying the intelligent edgeContinue reading “Look into the Telecommunication Industry”

iXDen | Cyber Security for IoT Devices IXDen provides security software solutions for IoT devices, industrial control systems, and sensors. IXDen introduces patent-pending technology to protect critical infrastructure from attacks via IoT devices by implementing a biometric-like multi-factor authentication approach. IXDen provides a solution for operational technology and enables users to manage their IoT assets safely and remotely. IXDen employs aContinue reading “iXDen | Cyber Security for IoT Devices”

Pangea | Digital Security, Identity, and Payment Solutions

Pangea is a global supplier of digital identity, security, and ePayment solutions based on biometric identity and digital analytics technologies. The company specializes in the digital transformation of government services and enterprise business operations. Pangea provides robust digital identity systems for governments and citizens anywhere in the world. The company also delivers digital security solutionsContinue reading “Pangea | Digital Security, Identity, and Payment Solutions”

E-commerce Fraud Detection & Prevention

The increased digitization of global commerce and banking globally — with the expansion of cross-border ecommerce and the adoption mobile banking in the past decade — presents a juicy target for organized criminal groups who only need an Internet connection to make easy money. Financial fraud prevention is a big business, with the market expectedContinue reading “E-commerce Fraud Detection & Prevention”

Quantum Computing in Israel

Quantum Computing is currently one of the most sought after technologies across the world. Israel being one of the most technologically advanced nations, has much to offer in this front. Earlier this year it was announced that Israel is to invest about $60 Million in order to build its first Super computer. This project isContinue reading “Quantum Computing in Israel”

Cellesense – Text-based, Natural Language, Self-service Solutions Cellesense is working to increase service providers’ productivity and efficiency through a new self-service channel that enables customers to request and receive information automatically or semi-automatically, reducing costs, increasing effectiveness, and improving service efficiency. The company’s Advisor solution handles queries presented in natural language via multiple interfaces, including SMS, IM, and via theContinue reading “Cellesense – Text-based, Natural Language, Self-service Solutions”

Applause | App Tools & Services

Applause empowers companies to deliver digital experiences to their users via web, mobile, wearables, IoT, and beyond. The company delivers market insights, user feedback, and digital testing by utilizing its DX platform to manage communities around the world. Applause provides brands with the real-world insights they need to achieve omnichannel success across demographics, locations, devices,Continue reading “Applause | App Tools & Services”


Behavioural Intelligence Platform – Now Utilised by Labs and MoH for their ViruScore Neura empowers organizations to make strategic, data-driven decisions based on large-scale human behavior and activity signals. Its Behavior Intelligence Platform transforms vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights based on population behavior and lifestyle., Neura’s brand solution,Continue reading “Neura”