We are looking for business partners/representatives who can help us market our products. These companies or individuals should be connected to the wind operators in the country; however they don’t necessarily need to have technical wind background as the technical sale will be done by WindSL technical team. The main role of the representative will be door opening.

Backed with experience in both on-shore and off-shore projects, our solution WT-HUMS (Wind Turbine Health & Usage Monitoring System) provides real-time, automatic and accurate diagnostics and prognostics for Wind Turbines mechanical components, such as gearboxes, bearings and shafts. The value of the system, which enables fast ROI for wind Farm Owners and Project Operators, is that it creates full transparency with regards to the wind turbine generator (WTG), in order to fully understand whether a failure is present, at what stage of deterioration it is, and when it is recommended to be dealt with.

WindSL is a daughter company of RSL Electronics. RSL Electronics ( carries 25 years of experience in Control, Diagnostics and Prognostics Systems for Aerospace, Marine and Land applications.  With customers such as Lockheed Martin, GE and Air Forces: US and Japan, RSL provides its customers with superior performance, extended flight safety and savings in fleet ownership costs

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