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Israel – a hot country helping to cool the planet

There is no avoiding the issue of climate change and imperatively, the issue is being increasingly prioritized on the international agenda. In May of this year, a new study led by the Weizmann Institute of Science concluded that storms in the Southern Hemisphere have already reached intensity levels previously predicted to occur only in the year 2080. In short, the report indicated, worryingly, that the Earth’s climate is changing even faster than predicted.

Much needs to be done globally. In Israel, the climate issue has always been a consideration. Its arid climate and shortage of natural resources forced Israel to be creative in the spheres of energy and water management. Since the 1950’s solar panels have been used to heat water in close to 90% of homes while the country’s water revolution was accomplished through a combination of national water conservation campaigns, reusing water for agricultural purposes, and the construction of energy-efficient desalination plants.

As they have done in other sectors, such as water and cybersecurity, Israeli policymakers and industries collaborated, not only to tackle challenges, but also to stimulate industry sector evolution by supporting innovation, growing indigenous companies, and ultimately creating solutions for the domestic market and global export. The significant report: Israel’s State of Climate Tech 2021 by the Israel Innovation Authority and PLANETTech – a nonprofit innovation community for climate change technologies – reaffirmed this collaborative commitment. 

Today, according to Startup Nation Central, Israel is home to more than 700 companies that offer “ClimateTech” solutions that transcend many sectors such as Manufacturing, Construction, Alternative Food, Agriculture, Transport and Mobility, and Water. Among those are companies such as: 

Electriq~Global has developed a fuel that comprises 60% water. The company’s process technology extracts hydrogen from liquid fuel, which is then harnessed to create electricity to power vehicles.

Tomorrow – whose technology aims to democratize access to global weather forecasting and enable organizations to prepare for and mitigate the business impact of weather.

ECOncrete- which produces bio-enhancing concrete technology that supports biodiversity, and carbon storage, and offers superior structural performance to any concrete marine infrastructure. 

Electreon- is a leading provider of wireless charging solutions and end-to-end electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to global partners, regional municipalities, Departments of Transportation, and fleet operators. Electron currently operates a first-of-a-kind wireless Electric Road and stationary charging station in Tel Aviv.

In addition to this, many multinational companies, such as Mercedes Benz, Asos, Hitachi, and Uber are partnering with Israeli climate-tech solutions companies, further amplifying their impact around the world. 

This type of global interaction and cooperation is essential and it can also offer economic and technological development and opportunity. To quote President Issac Herzog, who launched the Israeli Climate Forum earlier this year; “The global climate crisis is here with full force, and it is getting worse. We have a mighty mission, and we will rise to it only if we work together, in an Israeli partnership, in a Middle Eastern partnership, and a partnership of all of humanity.”

Business Opportunities Cleantech Water

UET – Water Treatment Technology

UET (Universal Environmental Technologies) is an engineering and manufacturing company, specialising in the treatment of water without chemical additives.

UET uses the natural attributes of water to correct a variety of industrial water issues, such as scaling, corrosion, heavy metals build-up, bio-contamination and brackish water treatment.

UET works with major industrial companies across multiple sectors worldwide, including Siemens, Soda Stream and Unilever. They currently have installed over 4,000 units worldwide, and hold 8 patents as recognised by the USA-EPA and ANAB.

UET are looking to work with businesses that require sustainable water treatment systems.

For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

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Ventree – Air Purification Solutions

Ventree develop indoor air purification devices that remove harmful toxins from the air and neutralize air contaminants. Their solution is biological based, harnessing the power of plant life to revolutionise the way that the air is purified. Ventree replaces a common household pot plant, with an air purifier pot and plant – promoting a more functional living space.

Ventree’s systems also feature a UVC lamp, which neutralizes toxins. The system sucks air from a room, processes it through its filters, and returns it to the room, purified.

Ventree are seeking partners in Australia, to assist in the production and distribution of their product.

For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

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Aura Air

A “Smart Air” Device or Two for Every Classroom

Covid 19 is an invisible air-born battle that “Smart Air” manufacturers fight against with technology. Given the closing of schools and businesses, teleworking, and public fear of contracting infections in indoor spaces, in May 2020, Aura Air developed and tested a “smart air” device to purify indoor air of viral and other pathogenic particles. With a successful campaign, Aura Air is now targetting schools – 1 or 2 air purifiers for every classroom – depending on size – will give parents peace of mind that their child will be safe in schools.

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Clean Bit

Innovative technology for the prevention of infections

Environmental disinfection and sanitization of bacteria, viruses and pathogens.

Clean Bit Environmental Solutions offers new infection prevention technology designed for hospitals and medical institutions, public institutions, the food industry, agriculture, transportation etc.

SteraMist™ technology, developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for the American military during the anthrax attack in the 2000s, has recently been released/introduced to the private sector in the USA and is now coming to Israel and the Middle East.

The technology has been proven effective for log6 plus-level disinfection against pathogens (viruses, moulds and resistant bacteria) including e-coli, Citrobacter, C-diff, CRE, VRE, Klebsiella, MRSA and others.

The disinfection method relies on the binary ionization technology (BIT) principle based on 7.8% hydrogen peroxide (a method that differs from the familiar method using hydrogen peroxide vapour) environmentally friendly and adapted to medical and technological equipment and many other types of materials.

The disinfectant is easy to apply, simple and very fast, adapted to closed spaces, surfaces and inaccessible places. The product has all relevant regulatory permits: Ministry of Health medical devices and instruments (with a dedicated indication for operating rooms), FDA, EPA, OMRI, ISO 9001.

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Smart Air | Out of the Box Climate Solutions

SmartAir (ISO9001 certified) builds and sells cutting-edge, innovative cooling and heating solutions.

Client base ranges from private customers, to businesses, to large-scale industrial projects, all over the world.

Competes on prices and customer service

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Atlantium Technologies | Ultraviolet-based Water Treatment

Atlantium Technologies Ltd provides safe and sustainable water treatment solutions based on ultraviolet (UV) disinfection, fiber optics, and hydraulics. Its systems offer high levels of water safety and provide industry and municipalities with a sustainable, measurable option.

Atlantium offers solutions for water-dependent heavy and light industries, including power and energy, biopharmaceuticals, food and beverages, dairy, aquaculture and aquariums, and municipal water providers. The company’s UV systems are field-proven globally, with Fortune 500 companies among its customers.

The company’s solutions conform to strict U.S. FDA and EPA regulations.

Contact Rochelle to learn more

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EZPack Water – Water Storage, Distribution, and Purification Solutions

EZPack Water develops, manufactures, and markets proprietary solutions for water storage, distribution, and purification. Its solutions include EZPuro, a compact robotic water purification and desalination system; water storage, transportation, and distribution solutions based on the company’s proprietary two-layer bladder technology; and EZCond, proprietary atmospheric water generator. The company’s products are aimed at markets such as emergency use, disaster relief, firefighting, remote water supply, military, home and outdoor, and others.

Email Jeremy if you are interested.

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Clairion – Industrial Pollutant Removal Solutions

Clairion is a cleantech startup specializing in innovative solutions for the removal of pollutants from industrial flue gas streams using novel patented technology developed by experts in green chemistry.

The company’s solutions include C-HgR for removing mercury (Hg), and C-MPR, a multiple-pollutant removal solution for removing NOx, SOx, Hg, and other pollutants and transforming them into useful products. Both solutions utilize novel liquid-based absorption and separation processes.

Clairion’s absorbing liquid is implemented in a wet scrubber in which the liquid comes in contact with the flue gas. Pollutants are simultaneously separated from the gas and absorbed by the liquid. In a parallel selective separation process, the pollutants are then extracted for use as products with commercial value and the liquid is fully regenerated and reused.

Clairion’s technology is scalable and therefore applicable to a variety of industries, plants, and processes. Its solutions offer high removal efficiency for regulatory compliance in a smaller footprint while providing usable product instead of waste streams, with overall cost reductions of up to 30% or more.

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Vigdu Technologies

Vigdu Technologies is creating solutions to prevent potential induced degradation (PID) and restore system efficiency from power degradation in photovoltaic (PV) cells. The company’s main products are external and embedded PID Preventive and Restorative Degradation Devices for string and central inverters.

The device is connected to the solar system and renews affected solar panels overnight by applying voltage against and recovering power degradation in the PV modules.