Touching Holiness Stone

Maor Technologies is a privately owned company. Our main office, marketing, research & developing departments are located in Tel-Aviv.

We have just finished developing our unique product: The “Touching Holiness Stone”. The “Touching Holiness Stone” is an amazing and a new project that its purpose is to bring a piece of Jerusalem to every home and office outside Israel whether you are Christian or Jewish. It is a unique invention of an ornamental device that illuminates a piece of Jerusalem stone according to a predetermined sequence so as to accentuate the historical and religious significance of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Stone– a stone from the holy city, collected and cleaved in its natural form presented in an elegant casing, the same stone used to build the Temple and from which the Wailing Wall is built, the same stone on which the Holly Cross was placed, the same stone used for the anointment of Jesus, the same stone from which Jesus’ Sepulcher was carved and from which he has risen to join God, the same stone we touch and ask…Christians and Jews alike.

A part of this product’s competitive advantages is in the fact that it is not an existing product, which in its simplicity combines art and beauty with very powerful emotions that touch everyone and allows, as its name attests to be “Touching Holiness”.

As people who are personally familiar with the sense of living outside your country, we can identify the need growing from a place that cannot be measured by price. The larger the distance and the more complex and challenging the obstacles one is facing so grows the need to hold on to something that is connected to the source of strength.

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