InnoDraw Ltd.


InnoDraw has developed an innovative measuring system, for the Home Improvement and construction industry.

The InnoDraw system is based on a laser device, together with powerful software. The system is internet based. Each drawing is sent, via cellular network, from the measuring site, through InnoDraw’s web server, to the customer.
When necessary – the web server will convert the file format into another industry-standard format, such as DXF, DWG, or PDF. This, for example, can allow the countertop fabricator to download the file to the cutting machines, few seconds after the measuring specialist has finished the job, eliminating from the fabricator the need for any CAD/CNC programming.
The Measure Person is also sending digital pictures, together with the electronic drawings.
The server will also store a copy of the drawing for back up, billing, archiving and training.
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